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I have two packets of excess Kefir grains to give away - currently frozen (you defrost them slowly in the fridge) if anyone is interested.

It's possible to post them if you want to pay for the costs.

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Is there anyone near Tugan who would like to share some fresh,

excess water kefir grains with me?

Thank you


I don't have water grains Annie. Tugan is the Gold Coast? If you start a new discussion that might be a good way to get attention.

Grains can be posted easily in a plastic bag inside a another bag. That's how I received mine originally. So really doesn't matter where people live.

Thank you Lissa :-)

Yes Tugun is the Gold Coast.

Just been reading how they can be shipped ... amazing stuff!!

Thanks so much for the Kefir from Saturday Lissa. It has tripled in size overnight and I havnt killed it yet :)

I've left mine in the freezer because I have too many other projects on the go.  Let us know how this goes Liz!


Let me know if you have any problems. Just remember it's a living organism and needs to be fed quality food on a regular basis or it spits the dummy.

I've got about 300ml already - i might have to slow it down for tomorrow or my metabolism might go into Kefir overdose! Leaving it in the fridge tomorrow. Had the first lot tonight... pretty yummy!

I'm glad you like it. It's quite tangy and not to everyones taste.'s really good for you.

One unexpected side benefit for me (I take it for gut happiness) is that people have commented on how good my skin looks. This could be partly due to the fresh juices that I mix it with also.

Do you still have spare kefir? I am very keen to try some.

Thank you

Hi Sonia. I don't have spare at the moment, mine are back in the freezer for a bit. Search the word Kefir on this site and it will come up with some other sources.

If you live anywhere near Deception Bay, you are welcome to mine. There's a couple of lots sitting in the freezer. Realistically I doubt I'll be using it.

Hi Elaine

I live in Sunnybank. It is not really close to Dception Bay. But I still want to go to pick it up. because I am very keen to try it. Let me know when you will be free at home. Will this Friday afternoon work for you?
 Thank you Elaine


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