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I have two packets of excess Kefir grains to give away - currently frozen (you defrost them slowly in the fridge) if anyone is interested.

It's possible to post them if you want to pay for the costs.

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I have been wanting to try kefir forever!   I have currently (forever I hope) given up sugar but as I understand it the sugar is "digested by the yeasts" so doesn't count.   Anyway - a total newbie here to kefir, but would love to give it a go.  As I understand you can try the grains in milk, and then if you don't like the milk kefir you can use them in water.  Any advice you can give me will be very helpful.  I will send my address separately in an e-mail

 and arrange for postage.

My understanding is that you keep 2 lots current - lot 1 sits in milk quietly growing while lot 2 does the water/coconut water and when that's finished, lot 2 goes into milk and lot 1 goes into the water. In order to keep the Kefir organisms (a symbiotic relationship between several ones) intact, they need to be fed on milk - whole milk not skim or lactose-free. Once the 'grains' have grown big enough, take some and freeze them that way you have a backup.

Even though Dominic no longer supplies grains, do go to his site and just marvel at the foods which can be made from Kefir. The cheese is particularly nice.

I am unable to send you my address, as I cant access your e-mail address until you accept my friends request.  but would love the grains.  How much is the postage - should I send you stamps?  I could also send you seeds instead/as well if you are interested in any rosella or loofa seeds. 

Hi Gillian. I have also responded on your page.

I'm still having a lot of trouble with internet connection so don't be surprised if I go quiet for up to a week at at time. They're working on fixing it :(

These are milk Kefir grains. I understand the water ones are quite different / seperate. I feed mine good quality full cream milk from Eden Hope (Food Connect) but have fed it store bought milk in the past. The better the quality of milk, the better the end product you get.

I've never done the "two lots" that Elaine describes - that's not to say it's not possible. I just do one lot daily in milk.

If you Google Kefir you will come up with a lot more information than I can give you here. I just use it to make a small amount to drink each morning and some soft spreading cheese.

As soon as I'm able I'll post some to you (mine came in the post originally). Just PM (personal message) me your address or phone me (I'll PM you my mobile number). I should be back on the net next weekend with any luck (doing this from the local library).

The "two lots" are as described to me by someone who advertised 'water Kefir' and I asked her how it worked. Personally, I have only used milk, originally raw whole milk and latterly just the pasteurised stuff from the shop.

Hi Gillian. Are you having any problems with sending me your address as I haven't heard from you as yet? Perhaps you are having strife accessing the Personal Messages which come via your email?




I am so sorry to take so long to reply - I did get some grains from another blogger - milk kefir and have been enjoying them.  

kind regards,


So long as you got some in the end :)

Aww man.. I wanted to hear more about this Kefir thing.  (Well, you said the magic word - cheese.)  Can someone do a little Kefir tale?


Doms Kefir online seems to be the most informative, but a general search should bring you more information.

The cheese I make is like Philly - a type of cream cheese.

I still have a packet of frozen Kefir if you would like to give it a go Andy. Just say the word.

Apart from immersing yourself in Dom's comprehensive site (how much time have you got?), you will find useful info here, just search BLF for 'Kefir' and see what you get. There's been several posts on the subject. Search window is top right.

Thanks ladies!  Most kind.  I am off to research Kefir (well, I will later, I am going to cook the dinner right now).


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