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I set up an IBC earlier in the year which was going really well. I didn't have fish ( just gudgeons) as winter was coming on and no one had fish stocks apparently. Anyway.. I'm keen to jump
In again.. Ready to get my tank up & running. Well, it's been running & syphoning etc. I initially planted lots of veg which grew amazingly well.winter was a bit slow, & I've been away, But I'm ready to jump in & get my fish now I'm home again & it seems the right time to do it. Suggestions welcome of what fish. I'll start testing the water again & hopefully can get started again.
Cheers, Angela

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ignorance again - what is an IBC and what size fish are you looking at? we are looking at setting up a hydroponics unit and were advised jade perch
What is an IBC container?
An intermediate bulk container (IBC), IBC tote, or pallet tank, is a reusable industrial container designed for the transport and storage of bulk liquid and granulated substances, such as chemicals, food ingredients, solvents, pharmaceuticals, etc.

I placed this link in your fish discussion however I did not highlight it. It is a link to a pdf named The IBC of Aquaponics. A single document rich with ideas for IBC's and 200 Litre Blue Barrels.

Great news Angela. I've only kept Jade Perch in aquaponics. I have found them easy to raise and great to taste.

thanks Rob interesting read - was hoping you were coming today so you could look at our ideas and where to put the set up etc.

You and Colin are welcome to visit and have a look at my set up, anytime you like. 

I had a Kindy thing on... ended up loosing the car to Tash and not making it anyway. The pictures show a great day and great gardens. I look forward to your next GV or a visit over there with Phil maybe.

Angela - I agree with Rob.  Silver perch seem to be picky eaters.  We are just a touch cold for Barra.  

I started with 25 Jade Perch fingerlings.  Two years later, I found I'd only lost two fingerlings.  I may have eaten 5 more, but that's not death by aquaponic/natural causes.  And, they taste really good!

Thanks for the replies. Andrew, you said you started with 25 fish. Was that in an IBC? Just wondering how many fish to get. What size do you start with?

Home built 1000L tank Angela.  You'll find you can mostly only get little guys. 

Haha! Just re read that you started with fingerlings.


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