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Fourth day of winter and it's raining after about two months of dry weather. Lovely :)

Woke me during the night when usually rain makes me sleep deeper but my subconscious was obviously non-plussed by the strange sound of wind in the chimes and rain on the ground.

Let's hope we don't get the extreme weather that the powers-that-be have been warning us will come today.

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Well Lissa, life is just one big adventure for you!!! I was very amused at your account of the shopping frenzy at Aldi and your trip home. You must be satisfied that everything turned out well - at least we all hope that the oven works now.

Tanks are full again, would love to have more storage at times like this. It might be another 2 months before the next rain! Ah, the eternal optimist strikes again.

Hoping like all get-out that I haven't damaged the oven in it's adventure Roger! But I had to have it at all costs. I was very pleased when I pulled into my garage :)

All plants are loving the rain except my new lettuce and parsley seedlings, quite flattened, just have to wait for them to pick themselves up.

Look what came up for air in one of my 'self watering' beds. That is my thumb beside one so you can see the size. No wonder I lost the lettuce I had planted there, couldn't work out why the transplanted ones just keeled over... No wonder they were chewed to a stump.
I fed about 10 of the larvae (some already dead from drowning) to the chooks, there are still about 15 I could see and probably more under the rims, I just couldn't wipe out the lot, maybe rhino beetle?
Thanks Elaine for reducing the size of the photos

I have never seen so many of these blighters in one place before. Have the Chooks eaten them all yet or what are you doing with them?

I fed 10-12 of them to the chooks then I let the excess water out and the ones that wanted life dug in, a few that I could see, they were only semi dug in, went to the chooks. I'm interested in seeing what they grow into. They don't resemble the rhino beetle larva that I can find photos of online.

I have them too.  I'm not convinced they are rhino beetles either.  The chooks do love them though. 

A shot of a small section

Yep Susanne definitely the Rino Beetle. There  is a family of Kookaburras here and they wait patiently in my tall trees for the grubs to move the  mulch and down they pounce and dig them out and then fly onto the boundary fence to whack the grubs onto the top of the fence to get rid of the mud inside much to my neighbor's disgust as his color bond shed is very close.

I feel for you Susanne having those Grubs in the garden if the Kookaburras come looking for them. Like James says they whack the grubs to death and the stuff goes everywhere and if it is not on my fence it is on my poor old timber bench out the back (where I normally like to sit each day). So here's hoping the Chooks get the lot.

I got these images off the web, these are what I have in my mulch: - a variety of Rhino Beetle.


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