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Fourth day of winter and it's raining after about two months of dry weather. Lovely :)

Woke me during the night when usually rain makes me sleep deeper but my subconscious was obviously non-plussed by the strange sound of wind in the chimes and rain on the ground.

Let's hope we don't get the extreme weather that the powers-that-be have been warning us will come today.

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How Sweet it is...  We were going to be concreting today and tomorrow, new there was a reason to organize that. But I'd rather fill the tanks any day.

Having a lay in this morning, listening to that lovely sound of rain on the roof. I hope that the rain keeps on like this all day, it's heavy enough to fill the tanks, but light enough to soak in a fair bit, without washing the driveway away. Boy, does the ground need it!

I was going to light a big fire down the back paddock as soon as we got rain but, it will have to wait, no chance of lighting it now. Now that the rain  has come I will get round to planting out lots more winter crops, those that I've managed to keep going in the dry will really get a boost from the rain. I've almost forgotten how the place looks when it's green.

It is so easy to have a lay in with the rain on our tin roof it is like Music to the Ears. I am hoping though for a break in the rain so as I can get out and do some much needed chores. I would really like to get a few weeds out.

Seemed to start in earnest around 4 am. So far (9am) we've around 3 inches. Just beautiful, mostly steady soaking rain with a few heavier showers. Hoping for around 6 inches minimum at the rate it's going we could get more than that. The water table needs filling  - the tanks are already overflowing - some garden projects still to do and having soft ground makes getting them done that much simpler.

It hasn't been extreme yet but the rain here in NW Brisbane has been pretty heavy at times. It also doesn't help that my soil doesn't drain very well -

Compost pool anyone?

Floating garden beds?

This happens every year at least once but this is the first time I've remembered it happening in winter.

And over 30mm since the early morning. Coming down in buckets at the moment.

Nice path come waterway/storage Phil!

Compost pool. Mmmmmm yummy.

Didn't I have fun in the rain this morning!

I haven't had an oven for 1.5yrs. ALDI had oven on special for $299 today, so off I go at 7.30 and find a queue already forming outside for 8am open. I don't shop at ALDI so didn't know you had to have a coin for the trolley. People were relatively polite about getting inside when the doors open though I was overtaken long before I reached the goodies by Mums and Dads with trolleys eager to get at the other white goods.

I nabbed the second last oven - dragged it to the floor (much bigger than I expected) and to the front counter (staff member shoved it along the floor), paid and waited for a flat trolley.

Then I had to get it into my car in the rain. The box was much bigger than I expected but I managed to wrangle it off the trolley and into the back, ramming it in. The boot wouldn't close but by now it was bucketing down so I headed off anyway with the boot open hoping there would be no coppers around in such weather. 

I managed to get it home, wrangled it back out of the boot all wet and slippery.

The electrician is waiting for the weather to clear before he comes out but I should have an actual working oven before too long.

Does this mean we all come over for Dinner tonight, Lissa?

hehe Not connected yet!

Electrician needs to get to me and he tells me the Bruce Highway is closed in places.

Got at least 80mm, I'd say. It's welcome after such a long dry spell. Destroyed my gravel driveway though, will be an insurance job.

Sorry about the damage to your drive DM. Hope you can get in and out without too much trouble.


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