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I awoke this morning at half past five
Check my pulse to ensure I was alive
And when I found that steady beat
Knew that the morning was mine to greet
Checked BOM site there's more rain on the way
So I say to you all have a great day

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you have a great day too - awesome weather - run out between ( was going to say showers but that evokes steady light rain ) heavy down pours and do some more jobs in the garden - planted and labeled all the plants and seeds we got yesterday at the markets ! soil is moist down 15 cm so far ! tank is over flowing all 285, 000 litres and the dams are full , swails are dong their job holding back the top soil everything is green and growing ( especially the weeds) , baby chicks have been shifted to a drier spot , cows and other animals feed and watered cleaned their bedding , fire is on for  soup cooking and drying clothes, house is all clean and tidy ( til grandkids arrive - they have a school free day ) even the pantry is sorted ! cheese turned and wrapped, yoghurt, ice cream bread and ginger beer all on the go - seeds ordered from seed collection drooled over some heliconias from El Arish ( might buy a lotto ticket) - Col is working on an automatic sprinkler system for garden watering and bush fire prevention !!!!haha - go figure  ! -  its 8 30 in the morning - these 4 30am  starts are great !  Its a long weekend for me - no work today ! - so yes its great to be alive and kicking! so off to do some sewing and knitting or might finish a quilt or what ever !YAY !

What energy you have, Mary-Ann! Love your rhymes Clive, good to start the day with a smile :-)

haha Elaine I am slowing down - was known when we were kids to sleep 4 hours a night nothing during the day - we had an old queenslander house and Grandma would tie my legs to the chair legs when it was dinner time -we all came in from the bails washed and put on clean clothes for dinner -if she didnt tie my legs done I would rock and roll on the chair so much the whole house would shake - good sprung wooden bow wood floor !!!! so I did learn to sit still for a while ! 3 hour uni lectures would totally irritate me - I always sat at the back so I go pace while listening !  

It's obviously raining down (at times)

Cos the lad's written a blog (I hope this rhymes)

About his containers growing some veges

And it's all his own work (or so he alleges)

Though the horses can take some of the credit

For the growing mix (now this I should edit)

To show that while it's not sunny

The lad's attempting to be, well, funny

His lack of success might drive you to drink

He'd better stop now that's what we think



Showing his  lack of

wet weather brings out the poets in the boys !!!! well done both of you ! 

Well done lads!

The tanks are full and the soil is wet.

The best rain we have had as yet

The plants will now grow with a flourish 

The chooks to feed and us to nourish

The weather looks like I can get outdoors

And start again on my gardening chores

The wicking beds I started and need to finish

To plant more crops including spinach 

And so my gardening friends come what may

Get out into your garden and enjoy your day

LOL.  Nice.  We need some musical accompaniment for you. 


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