IndigiScapes Monthly Nursery Plant Sale

This Saturday 3rd November, 9am to midday

All plants $2.50 each!  This month’s feature plants:



Alocasia brisbanensis2


Artanema fimbriatum2


Bursaria spinosa


Commersonia bartramia2



Alocasia brisbanensis


A lush subtropical rainforest plant best suited to shady, moist areas. Grows to 1.2m tall in moister areas.


Koala Bells

Artanema fimbriatum


Herb with pretty purple, bell-shaped flowers. Grows up to 60cm tall in the garden or pots.


Prickly Box

Bursaria spinosa


Small, thorny shrub growing up to 3m. It provides great habitat for small birds in the garden.


Brush Kurrajong

Commersonia bartramia


Very hardy rainforest plant and a great coloniser if you want to start a rainforest garden. Grows to 10m.



Let our staff and volunteers help you choose the right native plant for the right spot.

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Rounded Rectangle: This month our FREE KOALA FOOD TREES are... Tallowwood Eucalyptus microcorys Fine-leaved Red Gum Eucalyptus seeana Swamp Mahogany Eucalyptus robusta Blue Gum Eucalyptus tereticornis

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