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After contacting the A.T.O. regards the use of a still to make high strength alcoholic drinks, I was directed to their website and found the following info. < link ---- >

It should be noted that producing beer, wine or cider for personal use is not illegal, nor do you require a licence.

If you buy, sell, import, move, manufacture or have possession of a still with more than five litres capacity you need to apply for permission for the still from the ATO

Illegally distilling alcohol can result in penalties and even jail time. Penalties can include fines up to $85,000 or more or two years in prison.

You must hold an excise manufacturer licence before you can distil alcohol, regardless of the capacity of your still.    And even if you distil alcohol for personal use, excise duty is still payable on all the alcohol you make,   whether you have a licence to produce it or not

There are also penalties of $8,500 or more if you do not have the appropriate permission for the still.

BUT! it is not illegal to own a deep freezer.

I use alcohol as an antifreeze in my home made icecream and have been using 29% cooking rice wine which cost me $2.75 for 620 mls. Trouble is as I use 120 mls to a 2liter batch, I'm adding 85 mls more water, so I froze the spirit and strained out the ice crystals.

I ended  up with approx half of what I started with, so now I add 60 mls of the cooking rice wine to the batch of icecream and now am only adding an extra 31 mls of extra water.

This process adds a new level to my wine making.

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Where do you get that cooking wine 29% is very strong for a wine  .They use beet juice as an antifreeze on roads for black ice.

Do I get this right … not illegal to distill your own alcohol. BUT you need to pay excise?

How do you get a domestic freezer low enough to freeze the alcohol? I understood it was very difficult to freeze with just an ordinary freezer.

Just lost the plot of why you put alcohol in the ice cream (get that part) BUT sieve out the ice crystals?

I understood ordinary wine was around 11-12% alcohol but that spirits were much higher than that. So Rice 'Wine' is a distillate or rather a fortified wine e.g. Sherry?

Jeff :-  I bought 6 bottles from a small  Asian supermarket at Inala about 2 or 3 years ago, and it has salt added so therefore for cooking use and so probably does not incur the excise. I did find that the salt has an affinity with water and so stays in the frozen " WATER " called ICE. Because the alcohol does " NOT " freeze it stays behind and what does cling to the "Ice " crystals, slowly drains down under the force of " Gravity " and therefore added back to the original solution for refreezing  etc, etc. The higher the concentration of alcohol the lower the freezing point.

Elaine :- from what I read on the ATO's website, you can only distill alcohol If you obtain permission from the ATO and obtain a license.

You don't need any powerful freezer, because you aren't freezing the alcohol, but trying to freeze  " WATER ."

If you decrease the concentration of water, you are increasing the concentration of alcohol.

The alcohol is irrelevant in this procedure, it's the water we are removing, and not by distillation.

A mate and myself tried this when we were in our late teens, sipped on the results and concluded that you should probably start with a decent wine :)

We were a little concerned as to whether it concentrates methanol and if there was any methanol present in the wine to start with.... so we burt it instead, after a second freeze, as the water content was too high on the first.

Rob :- I originally added the 29% to 2 liters of ice cream and now add the exact same quantity of the same alcohol to 2 liters of ice Cr, but now less water, :- same , same. You can't taste it in the Ice Cr. and it makes the Ice Cream  1.5% alcohol/ Vol.  I much prefer to drink my home made fruit wines.

Brilliant! is home made ice cream another Rosenlund pastime? What flavours have you created?, I've never dabbled with home made ice cream, another to add to the to do list! At 1.5% alcohol/ Vol, it sounds tasty as well.


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