This website is the story of a youngish couple with talents and creativity, turning their rental 1 bedroom apartment in NEW FARM into an amazing food growing factory and sustainablility hub while  living very frugally. They have open days.

It is very inspiring. And the cheapest wicking beds around

Well done Roman and Jana

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  • We need to adopt them. 

    •  Tel: 0434 824 870
      Call them!
      • Bit hard for me to make personal calls through the work week, I've emailed. They have at least two presentations listed - I've put both in our Events listing.

        • ah now I get what you meant! thanks, 

          • ;)

  • Inspirational! 

  • Don't forget to share these events on BLF by creating an Event listing.  Let as many people know about them as possible.

    • Maybe we should involve Roman in the discussion before setting a date? LOL :)

  • Sounds like a great Garden visit for March ;-) I am booking.

    • Rowan's absolutely!!! Mine, give me 3 months for some finishing touches :)

      Call him, he love talking about it

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