• Hi Dave

    I have been growing garlic at Narangba very successfully for the last 10 years, I stick to growing Italian Red and Elephant Garlic (supposedly more related to a leek but looks like garlic and tastes like garlic, no difference to me). I obtained my original stocks from Green Harvest at Buderim, but now keep some of my crop to plant each year. Easily grow enough garlic to last me through till the following May.

    I plant in the last week of March each year and the crop is generally ready to harvest in late October early November, happy to offer any assistance/advice to yourself and Andrew when it gets close to planting time.

    Will see if I can find any pics from previous crops that my daughter may have taken. I am enjoying reading my way through your posts.


    • Good grief Ron.  If you can help me grow a successful crop, I'd be extremely grateful.

      • Hi Andrew 

        Not sure if you received my reply on this, so sending again, I had a good crop of Italian Red this season so I will gladly set you up with those


        • Thanks heaps Ron. 

          • Your welcome Andrew

        • So, Ron, are you suggesting that the 'local' garlic --Glen Large- may not be the best choice for home gardeners?

          My attempts  with that type have been just that...

          • Hi Dave, same as you mate, have tried Glen Large a couple of times with only an ordinary crop, Italian Red and Elephant garlic crop really well at my place so should be ok at Beachmere, I've learnt a couple of tricks with growing garlic over the years and glad to pass them on to you.

            Italian Red is pretty strong but nice flavour, Elephant garlic is very mild so you can use plenty of it in your cooking.


            • And Glen Large is a bugger top peel too!

              • Too right, Italian Red and Elephant both much easier

                • The problem with the garlic could be if in a warm area  do not get cold enough  even for the garlic recommended and here do not even get any frost and that may be why not growing .

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