Here it is folks. I have people coming to view today, Monday and Tuesday. 


I have been contending this morning with sale ads on various FB garage sale websites. My goodness they attract some attention - it was manic for a few hours. Sold pretty much everything I listed. Lesson learned though - don't post too many ads at once on multiple sites - too hard to keep up with the messages coming in.

18 Acland Drive, Strathpine

18 Acland Drive, Strathpine

18 Acland Drive, Strathpine

18 Acland Drive, Strathpine

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  • That didn't take long - congratulations - onwards and upwards

  • It's a done deal. To a keen gardener too.

    • Congrats Lissa.  Very happy for you. 

      • Thanks Andy :)

    • Great news, happy to hear a gardener found your place and bought it.  Hooray!!!!!!!!

      • Yes that is good isn't it. Could have gone to an investor and all gone to waste....but ultimately you just have to walk away from houses and gardens and not look back.

        New owner Linda is bringing a heap of fruit trees etc in pots with her.

        • She sounds like someone who can't wait to get stuck into the garden and enjoy.  All your past work in that garden has not gone astray.  

    • Congratulations, so exciting :)
    • That's wonderful Lissa, you are on your way to a new phase in your life. Enjoy every moment.

    • Woo hoo! The first day of the rest of your life :-)

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