Horse manure delivered

Tim's latest advertisement:

Get a load of this!

Composted horse manure $3 a bag plus a small excess for transport costs depending how far you are from the Brisbane central area.

Not fresh manure, ready for use in the garden and compost pile or as a topical fertilizer.

Ipswich and western suburbs get free delivery due to locality.

Call or message Tim on 0406 306 003.

Happy gardening!

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  • Would anyone near Ferny Grove be interested in going in halves on a load of 50 bags? We could have them all delivered here and I'll be happy to help you load them into your transport if that's agreeable.

    • You don't have to buy 50 bags Jan. Just contact Tim and he will give you a quote on the amount you want for yourself.

      • Thanks, Lissa. I just thought it would be easier for him to do a full load if someone was close by that wanted 25 bags, as well. 

        • No doubt it would...but finding someone from your area who sees this little conversation going on is pretty slim. Tim may already have another customer not on BLF that he can do this with. Best to put the question to him :)

          I changed the ad to reflect his latest prices too.

          It's good stuff! Well worth buying.

  • Had my first load of this product delivered yesterday by Tim and I can honestly say it's a good quality well rotted product in generously filled bags.

    Paid $120 for 50 bags delivered free. I felt like I was ripping Tim off but he seemed happy with the transaction!

    I have spread some of it around the backyard this morning and expect great things combined with this glorious wet weather.

    • LIssa, as Rob's suggestion below, could you please give us an update on the weed situation (now 6 months after your delivery) of Tim's horse manure . I would like to order a large quantity and want to make sure the manure is weed-free.

      • I've had no problems to speak of Janet, just the odd oat seedling come up. No weeds. It's the best stuff I've ever used in the garden and that is no exaggeration.

        • can I use the horse manure straight onto my garden bed? i.e, without mixing in potting mix.

          does the stuff smell badly?

          • Yes, yes and no Janet.

            I plant directly into it. Other people say it smells a little bit but I can't smell anything.

          • No smell Janet. It is about half-composted, most is unrecognisable but there's still some material that is obvious what it was but no smell. You can use it neat. It is a bit water-repellent when it dries out so to that extent either keep it damp or mix it with soil/potting mix/coir. It is great stuff, the worms love it and the plants respond with great growth.

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