• our garlic has been in for a while and beautiful green shoots are appearing... got ne bulbs from our local fruit shop - queensland grown it says .... Last year was the first year that i soaked the bulbs in a weak season solution for 24 hours before i planted them and wow they really seem to do well after that - I do soak most of my seeds before i plant them but for some reason had never thought of garlic until someone mentioned they do it as well as seeds !!!!  

  • Dave, I hang my garlic under the verandah roof. I tie it up by the stems and let it dry. When I need to use it I take the whole bulb and rub all the attached dirt off. It lasts right through until planting time. The cloves start to get a green tinge to them around early March, but do not shoot then. I plant them out in early March and within two weeks they send up shoots. By now they are 100mm high. I use Glen Large, these give me good sized bulbs and cloves. Italian Red turned out a lot smaller, so I gave them away. Any smaller cloves are eaten.

  • Valerie's garlic bulbs came up!  I'm using a large pot this year as a trial. So far so good. 

  • should get onto this but with all this rain... they could rot! or float away!
    Need to plant peas, broad beans and sweet peas too :)

  • I planted mine a week ago. I planted them in my seed cells so i know if they come up and all have.

    I got my cloves from a Caboolture Mkt stall. Pinkish/orange  they were, so I'm hoping they are Italian. They look like yours Roger.

    Italian Pink?

    Probably Italian Red.

    I'm not  bothering with the Qld bred Glenlarge garlic as (a) it doesn't grow in my yard (at all!) and (b) the cloves are too small.

    Met these wonderful new stall holders who even gave me peppers for free! Their garlic was grown in Bundaberg -- where they come from.

    I had not seen this type before. So I bought up a lot and they threw in a lot extra for free.

    NOW outback they have all keenly sprouted so I'm planning to plant more. There are still some largish cloves left for planting. The rest I'll eat.

    Since I grate my garlic these cloves work wonderfully in my fingers.

    As a question of import, Roger:" How do you store your garlic between harvests?"

  • Yup. Planted on 18th - the day after Paddy's Day. They have popped up already. I hope they will be OK - didn't buy from Green Harvest this year, just got some from our local fruit shop, who told me they had come from near Gympie.

  • 8688749089?profile=RESIZE_710x8688752670?profile=RESIZE_710xRemember the old slogan - plant the best - use the rest.. Plant point up into friable soil. Keep well watered and weed free. 

    Harvest when the shoots start to wilt (around Nov) Plant Glen Large or Italian Red. Good luck!  

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