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I got a hold of a number of food safe 15 litre buckets. I've planted Russian garlic, tomato and zucchini and want to try other things such as bush beans (any seeds out there ). Any ideas on what will do well in containers. I chose buckets as they were food safe with lids cost a dollar and will hopefully protect the plants from my chooks as well as being able to move them to catch maximum sunshine.

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Hi Stephen,

Have you put drainage holes in?  If you haven't yet, look into creating a false bottom (perhaps with the lid) and putting a side drainage hole about 3 cm from the base so you have a wicking pot. I have a couple of tomato plants that are growing in wicking pots at the moment (they have a wire trellis around them and I think mine are about 25L).  Zucchini will probably be too big unless specifically a "patio" variety.  Your lettuces, rocket will do well and I could see you using 1 pot per plant for things like the brassicas.  All my strawberries are grown in rectangular wicking pots on the fence line, they would do well.   Herbs - i have coriander, mint and parsely in a pot but have grown basil before.

Anyway, hope this helps.

Hi Susan. Yes they have drainage holes in the bottom. The other buckets I'm converting into wicking buckets so i won't have to water as much. I was a bit impatient with the first few buckets and wanted to plant the garlic and tomatoes straight away.


I grow a lot of veges in containers. I grow more in sacks than buckets, but we all use what we can get hold of easily and cheaply. I have grown Garlic, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Cabbage, Leeks, Bok Choi, Carrots, Kale in small containers with a good degree of success. Mostly I grow in a mix of sandy soil, horse manure, and compost. I also grow long rooted things like Carrots in  75 dia PVC pipes in good quality potting mix without manures added. These then develop long straight roots and don't fork like they do in a rich soil mix. I have just tried ti upload some photos of this but the process is not working at the moment. I will add these later when the website gets itself sorted out.

In this picture you can see that I have grown a variety of plants in a variety of containers

The potato harvest from three sacks

Carrots grown in the PVC tubes

I use a number of ways to hold the tubes. Some in tyres, some in buckets (the buckets can also provide a reservoir for water, a sort of wicking).

Awesome idea Roger

Potatoes HERE

Interested in the outcome of your experiment Stephen :)

Another thing so so easy to grow is water celery.Place into a smaller bucket or pot with holes  your growing medium and plant in then put it in a bucket  a bit bigger ,obviously your large bucket wont have any holes this will act as your water reservoir .I also grow a few types of mint and brazillian spinach in buckets with only one hole an inch up on the side to drain excess water.Good luck


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