So here’s the scenario: our builder showed up with a heap of gifted produce as well as some tomato plants, a pigeon pea plant and a pot with some raspberry canes. The canes look a bit sad at present but he tells me that’s because his chooks have been eating the leaves. It has some new canes emerging so I think it will bounce back. He says the raspberries are abundant producers and his neighbour (and he), get kilos off their bushes. I have no idea what type of raspberry it is. 

I have read up from the site but still have a few questions I’d like to pose:

  1. Can raspberries be successfully grown in Brisbane, in a large (50 litre) pot? I’d prefer a pot to keep it contained. 
  2. Should I cut the large canes back to give the new canes a chance?
  3. Best location? I have fence that goes into shade around 3pm in summer and thought this may be better as the weather warms up.
  4. Feeding/fertilising. Is there anything it doesn’t like?

All input gratefully received. 

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  • You can definitely grow raspberries in a pot. My friend has one in a 20L white bucket that he made into a wicking bucket. Sits on the balcony of his apartment. It's going on several years now, he prunes it back and gets a fresh flush each year.

  • Thats a big cane, Fiona.  Pity you don't know the name, but it looks good for fruiting.

    Raspberry come in 2 types. Florocanes and Primocanes - fruiting in different seasons.  Some of our members may have Willamette.

    These are the ones I have.

    From Daleys - AUTUMN BLISS -A primocane selection which fruits in the autumn. The mid to dark red plump fruits that have a delicious flavour. Self fertile, earlier than Heritage. Can be used for eating fresh, jams and freezing. Easy to grow, this is a great plant for children or beginners. 

    From Daleys - HERITAGE (hybrid?)A primocane variety producing fruit on canes that arise from the ground during one season. Often referred to as low chill since canes do not need chilling to produce flowers. A most sought after variety as it fruits in Autumn thus extending the traditional fruiting period. It has a picking period of 8 - 12 weeks beginning in February.

    I notice they have Chilicontin variety for sale now. details -A summer fruiting variety which produces heavy crops of good quality fruit. Sturdy almost thornless canes carry sweet fat fruit in mid-summer. They are a mid season variety. This variety has good disease resistance. They fruit on the floricanes or their two year canes. Each year prune out the canes that have finished fruiting and tie up the new seasons primocanes, these can produce a small autumn crop on their tips, prune these tips back once the fruits are finished.

    My other type is Native Atherton raspberry.

    • Worth a go if you can keep the water up to them. I have autumn bliss in the ground and Atherton in a pot doing quite well. Though i had no luck with the autumn bliss until i got a blumat watering system. Watch out for fruit fly in summer. I got it last summer but after cleaning up the fruit around my neighbours brazillian cherry tree (which was full of ff) and using econaturalure i managed to get rid of most of problem.
    • I love raspberries but didn't expect to be growing one. It's too good an opportunity pass up though. It can stay there for a few more weeks until there a little more sun on the western fence and then I'll move it over and give it some fertiliser - probably just some Thrive.I won't cut the canes, will keep up the water and see what happens.

  • wow best builder ever... interested as love raspberries and have just stuck a hertiage raspberry cane in the ground (it seems to be doing ok) Susan grows raspberries ok I think? These look huge! I've planted in partial shade. Other members will probably have some good advice :)

    • Yes, he’s a gem. His produce included a couple of blood oranges and a tangelo, grown on his suburban block in Salisbury.

      I think partial shade will be important. I’m also considering a place in my front yard near a fence and a lilly pilly. 

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