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Onions bulb when the day length is long enough for that variety even if they have not been planted long enough to developed use able onions and if you plant a long day length onion in Brisbane it may not produce a bulb planted some sweet Spanish seed that i was given  and going by previous posts  some onions do not get very big in Brisbane  the sweet Spanish may be a problem. Have grown other varieties  of onions  and did not get big onions but did get usable onions.Brisbane gets 13hours 50 min in December.It seems that time of planting and variety  is important for onions .

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I rely on spring onions which I plant out intermittently throughout the year.Some of the Asian varieties don't thrive.I harvest by cutting the stem close to the bulb end.

Generally they are my most reliable producers for the kitchen.

I planted some of the roots from spring onions purchased  and they  went to seed and collected that seed and planted that seed  and they produced OK. Have not tried this with bulb onion but some of those are hybrid.

With the bulb onions it seems they like the cold they also say that they can tolerate some salty water.

Is this the Rakkyo Onion, Christa?

Yes Elaine, it is a tasty little item. Mine is growing on edge of blue drum wicking bin and hanging down the sides, providing shade. It is really doing well.  I am not sure whether I should pull them up and replant or just leave them multiply in situ. 

wow if you decide to pull some up would love to try these ! they look yum ! 

Not tried big onions but I do regularly plant seedlings of Spring Onions. 

Spring Onion seedlings are my most bought number from the Caboolture Mkts.I usually buy in lots of 45 and each of those is a bunch: say of around about 4-5 small seedlings. 7 of these for a dollar/15 for $2. That's a lot of value for an everyday vegetable.

I do grow some varieties from seed but they do not thrive as well as these market purchases.Every spring onion I buy grows well.

Tragic really as I love stem onions and the many Japanese varieties are a delight to the senses.

So far, my garden and the world of bulbs/root veges  don't get on well together.But I do harvest by slicing at ground level and leaving the rooted part in the soil as I often get regrowth of the stem.

Since I do not buy onions what I grow is our major allium resource.

No peeling. No waste.

I've tried growing Rakkyo without much success but at the end of Summer I'll perhaps go on another onion spree and try some other varieties again.

(This suggests to me that I should divide my poorly performing Rakkyo clump in the hope of better days.)

Is life worth living without onions and garlic? Seriously?

Considering I can't eat onion or garlic, nothing from the onion family at all, I think it's worth living without them.

If the onion family upset my digestion I would do without them. Fortunately I love them and they are well-behaved in my tummy. At this stage I cannot imagine living without them.

Oh I love them but they do not love me.  I have IBS and the entire family (except for the green part only of leek) is basically out.

tried big onions with little success - rely on spring onions and shallots as well as chives for oniony dishes and swaps of more warm climate fruit and vegies with relies out Stanthorpe/ Gatton  way where it is colder . They grow good onions that way ! 

I'm having a bumper season of shallots in the aquaponics bed.  Best thing is the rats don't like them.  


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