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Do any members have experience in growing Hawaiian sweet Potatoes.  Do they roam or climb, do you cut to control growth. If not can they grow upwards. Any help appreciated.

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In case folk don't know, you can buy a sweet potato tuber of your choice and consciously grow a slip from it:

You can even eat your kumara and grow it too:

You can buy the Hawaiians -- Purples -- in some shops occasionally, but take care with the tuber quality. They don't keep as well as the Beauregards, I find. I doubt that purples are ruled by 'certification'  as they aren't the primary type grown. So a nice healthy specimen could be confidently grown on.

Just make sure you check under the skin for purpling as not all whites are purples inside. Pure white flesh won't be what you're after. The intensity of the purple can vary. The Hawaiian I gather can vary a lot in colour of flesh in way of purple shades. But i'm hunting the true Okinawan which is intensely purple...Although another 'Hawaiin type-- Molokai -- is very purply fleshed. Reasonable as they are both grown on from original Okinawan stock. My guess is that the industry has bred out a lot of the colour because folk aren't used to eating purple supermarket veg.

(They should try purple yams!)

Here's a very useful post using the water raising method for a purple:


Or just leave the tuber to sit quietly and it will make its own shoots when it's ready. Either in the dark or light, doesn't seem to matter. Cut off a chunk with the shoots, let it dry a bit then plant. Eat the rest.

I didn't know there's a white skin white flesh variety available?  I've only ever seen the white skin purple flesh ones, and you're right the purple intensity varies, and I found the more purple the flesh is, the better it taste :)

There's really any number of variations on the theme. We see only about 4 of those hundreds/thousands planted world-wide. Yes, white skin/white flesh … one of the tastier ones of the so-few that we have available to us. Don't know where I got it from now, but the white skin/purple flesh one is seriously good. When it's raw, the purple flesh is just flecked throughout. When cooked, the whole of the inside is purple. It's also got a distinctive leaf, quite different to the usual leaves; more like a deeply incised ivy leaf than a sweet potato leaf.

I really (really!) must harvest my sweet potatoes. The bag should have been emptied and replanted months ago. I will either have some very nasty chewed up tough old things in there or a great harvest of big tubers.

post a pic lissa when you do

I have three bags that need to be harvested and replanted. Big job which is why I've been putting it off. Will be baby sitting this weekend too and the wee man isn't much into gardening as such. He likes to crop stuff, but not do the heavy work lol.

Sounds like you will have some tucker for a while just like a supermarket in your backyard.  Today I will be transplanting my little slips as I have put them in the wrong place again.

Too much for one person is the problem Christa if I harvest the lot in one go. But the bags are all overdue to be redone.

If the tubers are air-dried and stored in an airy place, they will keep for some weeks. Though there's 2 of us to eat them, we harvest in one go, dry then store in a wire basket close to the floor.

HI Elaine I harvested my white ones and they are sitting in an air proof box out of the sunlight under the patio and yes your right they are still doing fine and do keep well.I gave a couple to one of my neighbours and he made some soup! and said it was wonderful better keep a closer eye on my front garden.Jokes aside it would be nice to know the bad keepers from the good type sweet spuds

I've never figured that one out! Some keep better than others at different times!

The bigger the less they dry out and probably (without ever recording results) the fresh home-grown ones keep better than the bought ones.


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