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Well I succumbed to my favourite spice and purchased a cinammon tree from Daley's.  When we visited the place they had one in their covered area and it was a beautiful tree which can be kept smaller by coppicing.  It has a lovely flush of colour on the leaf and though it may be difficult to harvest the quills of bark, the leaves can be used for flavour and simply crushed and sniff to make you feel better.  Cinnamon is a spice I consume everyday.   It is harder to find the true fine cinnamon powder these days as most of it is not a true type and I noticed it when my mouth reacted to the other type, which is freely available.

Do any of our members have this tree growing and if so, any hints would be appreciated.

Below is a photo from the Daley's website.

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You know there are not enough hours in the day and for we oldies, not enough years left to try all the wonderful plants that pique our interest! But we can have a ball doing what we can in the meantime ;-)

The beauty and wonder of gardening is truly never ending!
Minor issues with scale. Otherwise easy to grow. The soil mine is in seem to stay rather moist. So maybe they like a constant moisture supply.

My garden is overun with ants and therefore aphids and wooly scale and now leaf miner.  We have to keep a constant patrol and  I go out brushing them off with an old toothbrush and soap. We have grease bands on most citrus but then they find other touching branches.  Ohhhhh the little blighters.

Do you harvest the bark Jason?

Not old enough yet. Have to wait till about 5-6 yrs or older for bark development.


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