Well I succumbed to my favourite spice and purchased a cinammon tree from Daley's.  When we visited the place they had one in their covered area and it was a beautiful tree which can be kept smaller by coppicing.  It has a lovely flush of colour on the leaf and though it may be difficult to harvest the quills of bark, the leaves can be used for flavour and simply crushed and sniff to make you feel better.  Cinnamon is a spice I consume everyday.   It is harder to find the true fine cinnamon powder these days as most of it is not a true type and I noticed it when my mouth reacted to the other type, which is freely available.

Do any of our members have this tree growing and if so, any hints would be appreciated.

Below is a photo from the Daley's website.

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  • Minor issues with scale. Otherwise easy to grow. The soil mine is in seem to stay rather moist. So maybe they like a constant moisture supply.
    • Not old enough yet. Have to wait till about 5-6 yrs or older for bark development.
    • Do you harvest the bark Jason?

    • My garden is overun with ants and therefore aphids and wooly scale and now leaf miner.  We have to keep a constant patrol and  I go out brushing them off with an old toothbrush and soap. We have grease bands on most citrus but then they find other touching branches.  Ohhhhh the little blighters.

  • So I got my early birthday present from my kids yesterday.  Now to nurture this baby!


    • Great present for you, I wish my family would buy me something garden related things  instead of sweet treats.

      • I'm normally very hard to buy presents for and I usually don't want anything much.  However, the more and more I get into the garden, the more I discover I want and it becomes expensive.  So I thought I'd simply start putting together a wish list, and then if people ask me what I want for birthday's/christmas I can just let them have my list!  A lady at Morayfield had a few of these and I just had to jump on it, so my kids were happy to have their gift sorted for them. 

        • One of my other spice plants, is a clove tree. It is only small but looking healthy so far.  So  now I have ginger, future cinnamon, future cloves in my spice collection.  See what happens, a Camelia sinensis would be nice with my coffee plant.  Maybe a cow for milk, this is how we get ourselves into trouble.

          • Challenge of growing for yourself is that for some crops you need a stack of plants to make a worthwhile meal. Eg Tea and Coffee, 1 plant won't give you much of either never mind the preparation involved. Green Tea is simpler to produce but green Coffee is not likely to be palatable.

            Ditto Asparagus, with 14 plants in a year or two we might get a picking twice a week for we two but for a short period though. It's still good to 'grow your own' :-).

            • You are right Elaine, I googled nutmeg tree (Myristica fragrans), which is hard to obtain, but you have to have a female tree for nuts and you have to wait many years to see if you have a fruiting tree. That means some of them may be a waste of time. 

              That is the point, whether to try or not.  If 6 of us grow coffee we could share our beans and roast them by someone who knows.

              I have many plant leaves that can be used for tea, e.g. Java tea, lemon myrtle tea, aniseed tea, sweet verbena tea. 

              Others I haven't tried yet are lavender flower tea, Mint tea,  Lemon balm or chamomile and many others. 

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