More details including descriptions, growing information etc is available on the website. Arrowhead GA104 3 bulbs for $5.50 Arrowroot GA100 1 tuber for $5.50 GA101 5 tubers for $20.00 GA108 20 tubers for $49.50 Asparagus 'Mary Washington' GA105 4 crowns for $17.00 GA106 10 crowns for $39.50 GA110 25 crowns for $75.00 GA107 100 crowns for $240.00 Clucker Tucker Kit GC104 for $27.00 Includes: 1 Arrowroot tuber 5 Comfrey root cuttings Seed Packets of: Pigeon Pea Buckwheat Red Clover White Clover Linseed Lucerne 'Sequel' Lucerne 'Hunter River' Comfrey GC100 5 root cuttings for $4.50 GC101 25 root cuttings for $12.50 GC102 100 root cuttings for $39.00 Galangal 'Red' GG100 1 root set for $6.00 Galangal 'Monkey Puzzle' GG121 1 root set for $6.00 Ginger 'Jumbo' GG102 1 root set for $6.00 Horseradish GH100 3 root cuttings for $5.00 - limit 1 per customer Jerusalem artichokes GJ100 3 tubers for $6.00 Krachai / Chinese Keys GK100 1 root set for $6.00 - limit 1 per customer Lemongrass 'West Indian' GL100 5 root sets for $9.50 GL103 15 root sets for $23.00 Lemongrass 'East Indian' GL104 5 root sets for $9.50 GL105 15 root sets for $23.00 New Zealand Yam GO100 3 tubers for $6.00 Pickerel Rush GP118 1 root set for $7.50 Potatoes 'Desiree' GP102 1kg certified seed potatoes for $7.50 Potatoes 'King Edward' GP101 1kg certified seed potatoes for $7.50 Potatoes 'Nicola' GP105 1kg certified seed potatoes for $7.50 Potatoes 'Kipfler' GP110 750g certified seed potatoes for $7.50 Potatoes 'Pontiac' GP106 1kg certified seed potatoes for $7.50 Potatoes 'Sebago' GP111 1kg certified seed potatoes for $7.50 Potatoes 'Salad Sensation' A mixed pack of 3 different potatoes considered the best varieties for gourmet appeal and salads. Pack includes 250g Pink Fir (banana-shaped tubers, light pink skin, cream waxy flesh; hugely productive); 250g Kipfler (banana-shaped tubers, yellow skin and creamy flesh) and 250g Cranberry Red (oval tubers, shiny red skin, pink flesh) GP119 750g certified seed potatoes for $7.50 Rhubarb 'Wandin Red' GR104 1 crown for $8.00 Turmeric 'Madras' GT100 1 root set for $6.00 Waterchestnuts GW100 5 corms for $6.00 Yacon GY100 1 root set for $9.50

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  • wow - gee that was dedicated of you to type all of that in! mine just came in the mail - ooh i love that catalogue
    • ha ha, I copied it from the website - I check a number every month or so to see if anything new has come in. I got the catalogue too, but after I put up the post. ;)
  • Getting close to the 100 on the Asparagus (still have until Monday/ Tuesday to order) - up to 70...

    Donna - Asparagus x 20
    Florence - Asparagus x 10
    Betty - Asparagus x 10
    Amanda - Asparagus x 10
    Addy - Asparagus x 10
    Hung Yee - Asparagus x 10

    Also for anyone not able to make it to the Garden Visit for pickup, I live in Inala and work in Fortitude Valley so alternative arrangements could be made - all items are suitable for storage (refrigerated) for at least a week anyway.
    • Hi Donna
      Bob suggested that since we have a large order of other things, we might be able to negotiate with G.H. for the asparagus if we cant get 100
      • Hi Betty
        I am sure that will be the case, I will give them a call on Monday when I place the order - was planning on doing that anyway to see if we could get any freebies e due to the size of the order. My motto is if you don't ask you don't get... lol
        • yes please - i'd like 10
  • I'm interested in getting 6 asparagus crowns - do they need lots of light?
  • I wouldn't mind sharing some spuds -1/2 salad sensation and 1/2 Nicola. If you can get the 100 crowns deal, then I'd be interested in 10 asparagus crowns...
    Thanks Donna!
  • whats best for this climate?

    Galangal 'Red', Galangal 'Monkey Puzzle', OR Ginger 'Jumbo'
    i want something that i can leave alone in the back yard for about 6 months.
    any suggestions? I'll put an order in for sure.
This reply was deleted.