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Giveaway - Pepino cuttings, Jackfruit seedlings x 2, Nopales cuttings x 2

Pepino - blooming at the moment (Nov) but cuttings can still be found if needed, let me know if you are anywhere near Strathpine for collection.

Jackfruit have now found homes - thank you. I would have hated to waste them!

 Nopales (edible cactus pads) cuttings can be taken regularly if anyone would like to try this interesting green.

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Meant to tell you that the Nopales has sprouted a little thingy - whether a flower bud or a leaf bud, don't know. But at least it looks as if it's still with us.

Your little thingy is a new paddle! You're about to become a Nopales Mama.

This woman is a saint.

If you struggle to give things away, I'll take something. I can't guarantee their survival, I'm nearly out of water.

Saint hey lol. You really don't know me at that well ;)

I DO struggle to give things away - do you want some Pepino?? :D

Makes me wonder about the Tamarillo seedlings, how are they doing?

Cactus won't die in this weather but you may not be game to give that one a go.

I'd love one of the pepinos please Lissa :) can I pick it up or do you post them?

Hi Felicity. I have sent a frriend request with my address and phone numbers. Would be a bit tricky to post some Pepino cuttings - they would need to be collected. Your details don't mention where in Brisbane you are.

If coming here please let me know which day so I can leave some cuttings out the front for you.

Lissa, I would love one of your jackfruit seedlings! Maybe we can do a swap....I have loads of fresh eggs to share if you're interested ;)

Farina - one Jackfruit is yours! Would you like some Pepino cuttings also? Eggs would be wonderful but a bit generous for one small Jackfruit seedling.

I'm not sure where you are at but will PM you my address. You will need to let me know when you are coming so I can leave the plant out at the front fence.

hi lissa, whereabouts are you ??

thanks, julie

Strathpine Julie. Bit hard to post Pepino cuttings. I think you were after Jackfruit last time I offered some. Any chance you would be coming through this way - you could have the last one?

Hehe, I have just discovered this! Would I be greedy if I put my hand up for a Jackfruit too?? ;)

hi lissa, i wondered if you were the same person. again, too hard for me to get there, so sadly i will decline. hopefully one day in the future my travels will correspond to your kind offerings :)

thanks, julie


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