Pepino - blooming at the moment (Nov) but cuttings can still be found if needed, let me know if you are anywhere near Strathpine for collection.

Jackfruit have now found homes - thank you. I would have hated to waste them!

 Nopales (edible cactus pads) cuttings can be taken regularly if anyone would like to try this interesting green.

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  • Hi Lissa, I'm planning to go to the Wintle's open garden so if you're coming I'd love some pepino cuttings if you still have any. No dramas if you aren't going or don't have any though. :)
    • Sorry Vanessa, have another appointment that day in the other direction. Would love to have gone.

      Pepino are always good for cuttings but at the moment they are blooming so not the best time. Remind me down the track....or, if you are travelling here on the northside and I will leave some out for you.

  • Thank you so very much for the pepino cuttings. It was an unexpected, though welcome, surprise. It is very much appreciated!

    • No worries Rhondda :) Lets hope you like the fruit when they grow.

  • 34634263?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Here's a pic of two of the fruit Elaine gave me yesteday, just to inspire you and show what you can get from this generous little rambling bush.

    Elaine grows hers in a wicking bed and feeds them Organic Xtra. I'm guessing they get so big, and delicious, due to a good supply of water.

  • Hi Lissa, i'd love to swing by and pick up some pepino cuttings if they're still available. Where are you located? Mayye i could come this weekend?

    • Morning Gemma.

      I'm at Strathpine - apparently I've already sent a Friend Request to you (for Private Messaging) at some point but you have missed it and not accepted. I can't send again from my end, you will need to send one to me (or accept the original friend request).

      You will need to click on my name, click on Send Messages (should be at the top), and send me a friend request so I can send back my details.

      If all else fails ph my mobile 0414 445 581 :)

  • Hi Lissa,

    Would love Nopales cutting if you still have any. I haven't had nopales since I lived in Mexico in 2006 and I never realised I could grow my own here! Was really excited to see your message. If you don't have any, could you let me know where else I could get some?

    • Message I sent mentions Pepinos Cat - ignore that, just a brain fart - I have a Nopales for you.

    • You are welcome to a pad Cat - I'll send my address so you can come pick one up.

      Maybe you can give me some hints on cooking them as so far all I've done is fry it up with bacon and other veg. I find them a little bitey in flavour - is that how you remember them?

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