Getting my quails to lay

As some of you will know, I have had all sorts of trouble getting my Jumbo Quails to lay. I had them in my bush house, where I thought they they would be safe and comfortable in the cool, sheltered  environment. Yes, they were uber comfortable, but the boys weren't in the least interested in the girls or in fighting amoung themselves, and the girls didn't lay, so it was determined that light levels were too low. I've tried another location, which didn't work either - dunno why - I can omly think that night time predatorsw (cats, possums) are frightening the hens, as the boys became quite feisty enough, thank you.

Now I've decided to put them back in the bush house with supplemental lighting - should've done that before, but it didn't occur to me. What I need to know is  -what is the best lighting to use. I find the stuff on You tube contradictory and often overly technical. I am thinking of just putting in a light bulb on a timer, but how strong? Some say 25 watts, some say just a string of Christmas lights, and there is a lot of stuff about momochromatic and polychromatic light. I'd like to get it right rhis time, so can somebody please help?

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  • It does get a bit dark during the day sometimes.. I'm really keen to get started with the whole breeding up my stock thing, but I guess I can't ask my long-suffering husband to do electrical work in the rain!!!

  • Mine are still at bit off and on.  Up until the rain, they were giving 4 per day very reliably (from 4 girls).  With the rain, it can be as low as 2 or even none. 

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