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Thank-you very much Christa for this report on GayleD's Garden Visit, and Graham for the photos.

Gayle and her husband were most gracious in allowing us to have our first Garden Visit of the year at their place.   They have now been enclosed by neighbours and the flooding problems seem to have been alleviated. 

This visit is the first time Ian and I (Christa) have seen her pool area with a floor over it, what an ingenious decision to make.  A huge water tank for the dry times, which is a bonus. 

The garden has lovely rooms where one can sit and look and listen to birds and watch the plants grow.  Something which may interest some of our gardeners.   It is a bush like garden where natives and food plants and perennial flowers are mixed together and doing well.  Little Violet groundcovers grow happily throughout the pavers and the boundary fences have numerous wall garden pots with abundant mixed plants. 

The narrow side of the house has a pathway laced with bamboo plants and one that took my fancy, a black stem bamboo, which was very ornamental.  There are bird baths, bee waterers and water features for birds and ponds for fish.  The ground has worm bins for house scraps in different locations.   

Since the removal of the old shed, Gayle has seen some space, which I am sure will change soon.  We saw so many different plants, grape vines, pigeon pea, citrus, some rare fern, Japanese chrysanthemum, lovely cosmos, and so much more.   Beautiful Prostrate Grevillea, and a verge that suited the postie delivering his mail.  

I am sure many of you can add more of your visions of Gayles garden.   We met some new friends although some appeared incognito.   The communal chat took place with a lovely brewed coffee and cuppa tea and cheese and muffins and Rozies chocolate slice.  We discussed what gardeners often talk about, bees and bee boxes and what we like to grow.

We had a raffle to help support the running of the website, so that others can learn and read our pages. Guess who won first choice of 3 donated prizes, and guess who had no trouble choosing a lovely bee hotel donated by Valerie, second choice was a terranium with miniature plants and third choice was a Cavendish Banana pot plant donated by Andy.

Please add any of your photos that you may have taken.  Thanks again to our wonderful hosts.

Inspecting the Worm Farm

Worm Towers are situated around the Gardens to collect garden and kitchen waste.

Lush Greenery and a very Productive Lemon grow happily alongside Natives. 

Herbs grow happily among Native Violets and many assorted plants.

On the Verge.

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