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Best detailed post ive read about growing your own garlic and the best part is, its Australian site {so for our climate and condition's}  and from the looks of it, she is a member of BLF, also uses my fav calendar ;-) for planting heehee. 



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Anne Gibson - she's a livewire in the food-growing-enthusiasts business ;-) Anne lives in the Sunshine Coast hinterland - just a tiny bit colder than here on the coast so Garlic would do a bit better there. Although it does quite well here too (I'm 1km in a straight line from the edge of the continent) if you get it in around March-April for preference.

heehee, i was wondering if anyone else had heard of her. [i know this is a first for me] and i was wondering if its too late for planting, but wondering if id get away with it, seems that our weather is a bit odd! ???

You'll never know if you don't try. Buy Australian-grown Garlic, not the stuff from overseas.

yes and o definitely yes, not from overseas. [we go thru at least 3-4 bulbs of garlic a week in our house, i love cooking with it, so it might be worth growing my own organic garlic.] ... 

Elaine, where are these locally grown variety that Lissa has mentioned below ?? 

They are either in our gardens or on the bench ;-) Now do you mean where were they grown originally? Either Burpengary or Morayfield, forget which. The woman from whom I bought the Garlic is the wife of the grower. The original plants came from Malta a couple of people-generations ago so they are fairly close to 'local' and more local than most that you buy from expensive re-sellers.

so could little old me, be able to buy from your local grower ? maybe i should've just said that heehee. opps. 

I found her running a plant stall on the Redcliffe waterfront, Fri-Sat-Sun. Last time I was in Redcliffe on a Sunday, she did not have that stall. Don't know her name either. Simplest solution now is for you to go to a supermarket, vege shop or plant stall locally and ask them for Australian-grown Garlic. Or buy some online. There are more growers than there were a couple of years ago so shopping around you should find some.

okey dokey! - back to pounding the pavement, so to say heehee. Not to worry im bound to find something! [i just dont want to pay a arm and leg, like last time a few of us BLF members pitched into together and was something like $25.00 each for two bulbs or three small bulbs each.] which i didnt have success with! :-( 

Nor did we! Just buy some Aus-grown which is in the shop for eating - don't need fancy especially-for-planting.

Great article from Anne. Thank you for sharing Vanessa :)

Finally having some success (fingers crossed) with growing garlic thanks to the locally grown variety found by Elaine.


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