Hello Growers,

Smee again here to fling some petrol on the fire.

I have a garlic experiment going, 8 weeks old now.

I am not a typist ( or speller) so I will lets the photos tell the story.

1 garlic bulb from China, 2 from SE Qld purchased the same day.

Aged the same in the same spot same conditions for 8 weeks.

You pick the China import ??? 

I know which I am planting.

It is not just the bad bugs that come with the imports think Genetics, do we want theirs????

I DO NOT, chuck it in the fire.

If you can buy it here the problem is here, if you grow it, where do we go, and what happens to the prove good stuff, will we have any good stuff to plant next year???

Genetics and Ethics simple

Best Regards Mark 

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  • Glen Large and Elephant:

    They are actually growing!!!


    • Hey Andrew lookin good mate my organic ones have just poked their heads through .I did plant some elephant out my front yard but no sign yet ,oh well!at least I may get a little.What did you put in your soil before planting?

      • Mark also said that his are on the way.  Except the Chinese one which became compost. 

      • It's a new bed Darren.  So, it is a mix of compost, potting mix, horse poo and garden soil. 

  • The first photo of my new Aussie garlic titled "here I come"34636446?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • Hi MARK  good pics mate ,are them local ones you grew known as the glen large wich I believe were bred , developed at Gattons horticulture university.I would love to buy or swap with anyone that has any as Ive only been able to get Aussie organic woolies stuff   wich Im not complaining about either.Being the great white edible plant hunter that I am it would be great to grow some glen large.How does everyone feel about sending in pics of different stages   of their garlic  growth throughout the growing season to harvested bulbs ,only an idea.

    • I'll do my best to remember that Darren. Just planted my 'Morayfield Specials' since they are an un-named variety from Malta originally.

    • I planted Glen Large this season Darren.  If it comes to fruition, I'm happy to give you some cloves mate. I also planted Elephant Garlic - which I have to say isn't doing as well the the Glen. 

      I actually think your photo idea is a good one.  We could even use this thread!

      • Be patient with Elephant Garlic, Andy. It's a bigger plant with bigger cloves. Remember it's a 3-step life-cycle so only a part of the crop will be edible now.

        • I was tempted to go traditional Elaine - and not harvest any of the greens. 

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