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Anyone interested in taking part - there is contact information at the bottom:


Seeking participants for a study about gardens and gardening activities
Gardening as a therapy, has a history dating back to the Middle Ages when
hospital gardens were used to produce food and medicinal substances, and for
recuperation for patients. More recent research has examined the role of
gardening as a rehabilitative therapy for a wide range of people. According
to Biophilia theory, we are not only genetically programmed to respond
positively to natural environments, our emotional, intellectual and physical
well-being depends upon having access to nature. Whilst a growing body of
prior research has examined the importance of gardening activities, either
active or passive, for older adults living in residential care facilities,
we are interested in exploring the importance of the home and community
garden in the lives of community dwelling older adults.
We invite you to participate in this research if you have any interest in
gardens and gardening activities. Participation involves completing a
questionnaire about your involvement in, and feelings about, gardens; an
Attitudes to Ageing Questionnaire (AAQ); and some demographic information.
The questionnaire can either be posted to you, with a return-addressed,
stamped envelope or completed online:
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If you would like to participate in this study via mail, or you would like
some more information, please contact Theresa Scott
Phone: 07 3346 7284
Thank you.
Theresa Scott

PhD Student (Geropsychology)
School of Psychology
Room S318 Social Sciences Building (24)

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  • You would have to wonder if they are looking for a balanced response from gardeners and non- gardeners. If we're all gardeners who respond, then they'll get a result reflecting our love of gardening.
  • Did it anyway, and have requested a copy of the results and permission to post them on this forum when available.
  • I have just filled in this survey, it took me 30 minutes. Being a committed gardener it was very easy.
  • done :)
  • Sorry Donna, only know what is in the notice - they are talking about gardening as a rehab for a wide range of people, so not just older. You certainly have the interest!
    • I would be happy to complete, I know the garden is certainly theraputic fo me.
      Will try the online version.
  • Would be happy to complete, but don't think I fit the criteria - do you know if she is looking for a particular age range for the survey? Otherwise I will give her a call tomorrow and check.
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