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Discussion of the good and bad among suppliers of Fruit Trees. Originally inspired by questions from Evan and posted as a blog by Lissa.

Transferred here to keep the topic always available for research and comment.

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  • Just to keep this valuable thread going.  I cannot recommend Daley's enough.  I have now ordered about 20 trees from them (2xdwarf mango's, 2xmandarin, ruby red grapefruit, cara cara orange, lychee, kerriberry, cherry tree, sheppard avocado, wurtz avo, shatoot mulberry, dwarf black mulberry, 2 x muscadine grapes, walnut, pecan, black sapote, heritage raspberry, custard apple, native raspberry) and strawberry plants.  Excellent packaging, reasonable prices.  The only thing that has died was the lychee tree - my bad though.  I planted this next to a pawpaw tree that had already taken off and not prepared the site properly.   Not only that - I have scored some free plants - a china pear guava and cape gooseberry. The thing I love most about them is their extensive growing information and their varieties ... and they will tell you not to bother with certain plants depending on your area.  So far only the mango and mulberry have fruited - but most of these trees were only planted 2014-2015 and probably shouldn't fruit for another couple of years (obviously not the berries - should be this year).  The only one that has been in the ground longer than 2 years is the custard apple.  It's been in for 5 years now and I am only giving it another two years before I do something about it.

    • They're a good company aren't they :)

      Always quality product, always packed well, good growing info. If you want to make sure you are getting quality plants I would always recommend buying from them rather than buying seedlings from some guy at the market. The extra cost is worth it in the end.

  • I have purchased most of my trees from Daley's. I have had them delivered, always excellent packaging and speedy delivery. I have also been to the nursery to buy plants. They are great to deal with face to face and are ready to offer all the advice you need. All the plants I have purchased are healthy and growing well.

    • Thanks Michael. If you have a look at the Home page you'll see Elaine has started a group for this topic. Any experiences you have with buying fruit trees and seed can be shared there now.

  • Comment by Evan 19 minutes ago
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    You can add Green Harvest to the list then, if we are going lower, reputable levels. Yandina Community Gardens has a nursery, I wasn't impressed coming from working in a nursery but it's a good range for food gardeners.

    Comment by Lissa 32 minutes ago
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    Northey Street community gardens I should say....

    Comment by Lissa 32 minutes ago
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    Northey Farm sell plants too of course.

  • Comment by Barbara Catfish 9 hours agoDelete Comment

    Great idea!

    I often get plants from Diggers in Dromana but worry that they are not acclimatised to the Brisbane conditions. They usually do ok though. Packaged as tube stock, they are very small when they arrive via Australia Post.

    City Farm Nursery in Windsor have a reasonable range of healthy fruit trees which do well, and provide great advice when requested.

    Shippard's Herb Nursery out the back of Nambour is a good place to find unusual fruit trees and herbs, they don't have heaps of plants but a really interesting range.

  • Comment by Evan 18 hours ago

    Yes, I only used 2 examples because I felt they were either nurserypeople or reselling direct from nursery. The one I chose in Yandina stated they were a nursery nearby the area, but there were heaps of stalls selling comparable plants with a reduced range.

    I haven't been to the Caboolture Markets in a while though...

    Comment by
    Elaine de Saxe 17 hours ago

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    Over the years, I have managed to kill quite a lot of plants, mostly Citrus. Finally I have some fruit on a Lemon! There was nothing obviously wrong with the many trees which died at my hand. My point is that if the plants are well-grown and healthy the next most likely cause of death is the new owner. Site, preparation, season, variety ... all that.

    The Canistel I bought from Forbidden is doing well but the Blackberry died. The Blueberries are OK but will do better I hope when I get them into a bigger community wicking bin. I can hardly blame Forbidden for the demise of the Blackberry.

    There IS a difference in the quality of the stock from different Nurseries - more rigorously selected varieties, better class of rootstock or seeds, better potting mixes and conditions of growth. Although Daley's know how to charge, usually their plants are top quality and I would un-hesitatingly recommend them especially to a newcomer to fruit tree growing.

    One thing I have noticed and I am far from immune to this disease myself is the desire to grow the unusual, the rare and the out-of-latitude plants. It may be boring to have the common varieties, but often these varieties do well locally and are forgiving of varying growing conditions. Start with the easy stuff and get used to growing fruiting plants then move onto something more challenging.

    The idea of accumulating the experiences of us all in one place is a good one, Lissa. Would it be appropriate to start a Group for Nurseries? That way the conversations don't get lost to view when the posts reduce over time.

    >> Here - have put this as a discussion, in the FAQ (best of) category - so it should be easy to find for a long time>>> cheers SJP

    • Comment by Lissa 9 hours ago

      Even - if you ever get the chance to get the name of the nursery of the guy at the Yandina Mkts please share here.
      Elaine - all good points. My Blackberry eventually died too after pottering along for about 18mths. I think the conditions it wanted just weren't available in my yard.
      Nursery Group idea is a good one - would you like to proceed with it? I'm not precious about the origins (in fact we can thank Evan for this discussion in the first place as it was his questions that made me realise we had no central info).
      Use the info here or start afresh, whatever you think best.
  • Comment by Jan Holley on Thursday
    Daley's has always provided me with happy, healthy trees and usually offers a fair bit of information, including a forum to trade information. Most of my fruit tress have come from them. Trees are always packaged very well and are posted quickly (but postage is a bit dear). They are all growing well and the ones that are advanced enough, are all productive. Overall growth has  been just average, but that is likely because I'm new to growing them.

    I only have one tree from Forbidden Fruits that I bought at the Nambour expo and it is growing very well and producing plenty of fruit. Growth has been as expected.

    Comment by Elaine de Saxe on Thursday
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    Daley's are hard to beat! They supply retail nurseries too so their standard of product is tops.

    Comment by Lissa on Thursday

    I have bought a lot from Daleys and have never been disappointed in their excellent packaging, quick delivery and included instructions. Yes, their postage is a little higher but it's worth it to get healthy plants which won't ultimately be a waste of money.

    I take part in their online forum also (not as much fun as BLF, but still useful). They also also have useful and interesting videos on their site.Kendalls - I bought one plant from Kendalls, the dwarf maca. I was too impatient to wait for Daleys and Kendalls told me they were ready to send immediately....about 8 weeks later this tiny ill packed plant finally turned up at a huge cost all up (plant and delivery cost me about $56 from memory). Not happy Jan though the plant is still alive and growing.

    I have bought a couple of plants from Forbidden Fruits at the BOGI Fair and they are still alive and thriving.

    Also bought plants from Shamans. Was some time ago - from memory they were packed ok and were certainly cheap enough to buy. During a dry period soon after some of them appeared to have died and I removed the labels, but with rain they made a come-back and now I don't know what some of them are!

  • I've been meaning to pull together a growing list of fruit tree providers and get feedback from members of their experience dealing with those companies.

    I'm interested in the quality of plant they have been sent - did they fruit? did they grow? what growth habits did they exhibit? how well did they package them and how quickly did they arrive? etc.

    No time like the present to start.

    Here's some good advice I just found from Anne Gibson on the site (thanks Anne):

    Hi girls - just a bit of feedback I've heard direct from the Sub-Tropical Fruit Club, you should really only buy from reputable suppliers as there are MANY growers and nurseries that are apparently selling fruit trees that will never fruit. It's rife in the industry and although this makes me seethe, the unsuspecting consumer is none the wiser and usually blames themselves, the climate, the soil, their management practices etc. Just to be aware of.


    Also courtesy of Anne:

    once a year Birdwood Nursery (wholesalers up on the Sunshine Coast) sell direct to the public at the QLD Garden Expo at Nambour, so if you're making a trip, their stock is excellent quality.


    Also courtesy of Anne:

    Forbidden Fruits also always have a large stock on display for sale (at the Qld Garden Expo at Nambour). I've never had trouble with fruit trees bought from either supplier.


    Daleys Nursery


    I can't even find a website for these people anymore.....


    SHAMAN GARDENS (Wandjina Gardens)

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