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Yes the Fruition fruit fly kits are now available. I bought some today at  Beenleigh Farm Craft Pty Ltd. Two kits cost me $41. Not cheap! The kit includes 4 large yellow sticky discs, some fly attractant, and instructions. I attended a talk on these fly pests by Dr Dick Drew at the Nambour garden show in 2019.

Here is my report on what was said there

Fruit Fly talk by Professor Richard Drew


Fruit flies have spread down to Victoria and now some have been discovered in Auckland.

We used to treat with systemic cover sprays but these are not used very much now and growers now have had to turn to less harmful (to human health) methods.

Adult Fruit Flies can travel 20 to 90 kilometres to reach fruit targets, this is before they mate.

When they have mated they stay within a radius of your backyard.

They feed on proteins that they get from the leaves of the fruit trees, etc. They take 1 to 1 1/2 weeks to mate and a female can lay up to 1000 eggs. They mate at around dusk on the underside of leaves in the orchard, etc.

Protein bait spays aim to target the Fruit Flies before they have commenced laying. They are an important part of the Fruit Fly eradication programme. Once they have commenced laying the Protein baits will not work.

Ammonia and fruit juice traps are not very successful. Different traps do different jobs. Traps which are in containers do not work very well, except in trapping males. Open Traps work better than ones in containers.


FRUITION traps are a blue orb to attract Qld Fruit Fly but yellow to attract many of the other Fruit Fly Types such as the Cucumber Fruit Fly. The sticky traps attempt to mimic  the shape of a fruit. They hang in trees and have an odour sachet which attracts all stages of the male and female flies, even the mature females which lay the eggs. They catch the Fruit Flies by way of sticky surfaces and are not enclosed in any container..  They also catch the Cucumber Flies which attack pumpkins, etc. these look very like the Qld Fruit fly.

A comparison of FRUITION, CERA and BIO traps saw the FRUITION catch 99, the CERA 10, and the BIO 1.

Nets are effective barriers, they do not have to reach down to the ground as Fruit Flies attack from on high. End of report.

I know that at least some of you will want to try these traps. I will not bother this late in the warm season but will leave it until the next warm season and will us the male lures to time when I put the traps out.  Let me know if anyone out there has tried or will be trying these.

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I might look into these but I wish I could educate our neighbours who just leave fruit lying on the ground till they mow once a month or so.   Thanks for letting us know of their availability, Roger.  

We need a BLFer. To test drive one!  

This is great Roger! I have been after these traps since I read about them 2-3 years ago.  How did you find a stockist? Ie were you just in the store and saw them or is there a list somewhere of who stocks? Otherwise, I’m going to drive me out to Beenleigh to get some.  Like you, I will wait until next year to give them a shot but can’t wait to try them. 

On that note, I just went looking and found them at green harvest!! Yay!


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