If you're a Queensland resident, you can get a FREE kitchen garden kit posted to you.

It's part of the government's Healthier. Happier. campaign.

The pack includes seeds and gardening tips so you can grow:

cherry tomatoes
spring onions


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  • Anything free is appreciated.

    Jeff, your link won't work with the three full stops at the end. Can you Edit and remove them?


    • The full stops come from the Ning page, it's a way of making the address shorter to view; the poster has no control over that.

      Anyway ... this is what has happened to the Garden Pack since:


      • Bugger lol. Oh well.

    • The full stops are not there when composed  they appear  when posting  can not seem to be able to get rid of  have clicked on the link and it does work sometimes and next time error.

  • Good to know, thanks Jeff. Carrots are an odd choice for beginners, not easy to grow.

    Oh dang, tried to register and got a 'database error'. Oh well, I tried.

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