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Several white-fruited and red-fruited Dragon Fruit plants.

Pick up from Deception Bay. Not able to go to the next two garden visits or I would have taken the plants there.

Please let me know by private message on this forum what plants you would like and when you can come and pick them up - please, no mobile phone numbers - landline or email contact.

NOTE: The Dragon Fruit plants are developing roots and are keen to go to new homes (28th November, 2013).

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Hi Elaine, my last attempt at dragonfruit is still in the ground same as the day I planted it 3 months ago, albeit firmly attached. I am guessing it's not getting enough sun. I'd love another go. I'll try and find time to come up your way.
Lissa gave me some dragon fruit at least 6 months ago, possibly longer and they have only starting to grow now.

They are slow to get going. Even though the original 3 white-fleshed cuttings were off the same plant at Jane Street Community Garden, one shot ahead and fruited last season for the first time. The others are still 'coming' they need to be quite large before they think of fruiting. My first red-fleshed has a bud now and the 3 red-fleshed cuttings were from the same plant at Jessica's. Expect no fruit for the first 2 years. They do like sun but mine are getting sun-burned now they are a bit higher and more exposed to the west. They are a rain-forest cactus as is the flat-stemmed Zygo (often called 'Christmas Cactus' coz they flower in the winter) now known as Schlumbergera sp. Although they don't need a lot of nutrition nor a lot of water, they do need shelter from the strongest sun.

They seem to stay dormant for ages then explode with growth haha! Almost like the shoots are growing on the inside waiting for the right moment! I've planted mine under a struggling lily pilly and its climbed up and over the tree in a year! Hopefully I'll get some fruit this year, fingers crossed!

Only from the stems which turn downwards, the upwards ones don't fruit from what I hear. Not sure what to do with this info: the stems with the pointed ends are still growing and the ones with the blunt ends are not - I guess the blunted ones produce the fruit.

Yeah that makes sense. The drooping ones at the top are the blunt ones. Guess I'll just have to keep an eye out for the flowers :-)

Hi Elaine's,
The winged bean, how does it grow, need a small-medium-large trellis? Full sun? and what recipes? ie how do you prepare and use it, fiddly or simple?

On a trellis - not a huge one, its stems are fine, smaller than a regular climbing bean. Full sun will be OK. Recipes - anything you put a bean into. Doesn't keep so pick and use same day. No strings but pick about finger length or the pod starts to go woody. It has a perennial rootstock and comes up when its ready each year. This plant came from a piece of the rootstock I left behind, so it's tough.

Hi Elaine,

Do you still have the Queensland Arrowroot corms?

Yes, lots of them. Can you come to Deception Bay? If so, send a private message to me on this forum (we need to be 'friends') and we can talk arrangements.

Hi Elaine, I have dragonfruit questions. I have one well developed "old" one - about 2.5 years old now.. and 4 smaller (two segments per plant). I am REALLY excited about eating the dragonfruit, have yours flowered yet? How old do they have to be? Can I add sulphate of potash or something to stimulate flowering? I would really love some white fruited ones, I thought that's what I ordered but when they arrived they were labelled "red" on each bag".  D-bay is quite far me but I may be traveling that way around 17th Dec.


So far one white fruited last year 4 fruits - the red one flowered for the first time this year and needed pollination which it didn't get so there's no fruit. They are coming into fruit now so more may flower yet. You can add Sulphate of Potash if you wish, just go very easy on it, they don't need much nutrient. I have rooted white-fruited stems and there's plenty more I can cut off for you if you wish. The white-fruited are self-fertile. Just message me via this forum to make arrangements to come here Ania.


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