FREE large strawberry pot

Just want this 60cm tall pot out of the way if someone would like to come and take it. A neighbour has been making noises about wanting it for months and nothing is happening, so come take it if you want it.

Does contain the remains of the palm I had growing in it and is full of soil so quite heavy. If you wanted to empty it before taking it that is an option you could consider.

It would need two people to load and I can't be one of them due to a rota cuff injury.

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  • Thank you Lissa,

    I will find out when my helper (ie hubby) is availbile and we will arrange to come and collect it. Possibly on the weekend if that is alright?  I think we are free on Saturday morning.


    I will email you with my mobile number (will have to do that from home, hotmail not working on my work computer for some reason) :)


    Thanks again.

    • I'll message you some details Michelle :)

  • Yep, still here. I'm in Strathpine.

    It's full of soil and dying palm (you can always let the palm regrow) and very heavy Michelle. You would need some muscle and a good vehicle to get it home.

  • Hello Lissa, two quick questions. Is the pot still available, and if so, what suburb are you in? This would be perfect for me as I have a little 1 year old daughter who LOVES strawberries (from the vine) but we recently moved and so have not established a new veggie patch as yet. Thanks kindly, Michelle

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