• Long time since we caught up Chris! I'd love some of this ginger if you still have some. We'll be up your way the middle of next month and would love to come and check out your garden again.

    Amanda, Mark and the boys.
    • hi Amanda , has been a while , that should not be a prob i will leave some in the ground for you .

  • Hi Christopher,

    I would be very appreciative if you had some of this ginger spare for me.

    I am in Bracken Ridge and can pop over when convenient,


  • HI Chris

    I would love to get some ginger lily from you please. It looks very beautiful and I am just building my garden from (nearly) scratch.

    Are you in Brisbane?

    Cheers Jane

  • I'm not familiar with it - I guess it looks something like this?

    Google images search


    • yes that is it . there is a pic with the title BACKBEAD that shows it .

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