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We had been asking around for at least a quarter acre of land we could take on as a Vetiver nursery extension. To rent, like agistment.

And we were successful:

  • Width: 20.3 meters wide .
    Length: 93.8 meters
    0.48 acres/1957 sq metres

All good for us but we more or less get the block for free and only have to keep it mowed as we plant it out. One day a house will be built there and we can 'farm' it until any house is built like whenever.

We were just about ready to start knocking on local hobby farm doors...when the deal was struck.

Better than we imagined it could be.

Since we plant, dig up, divide and plant again  there is a lot of plant turnover, and we require no structures. We'll either cart in water or the neighbour will allow us use of their Spear Pump water.

Fortunate, eh?

But I raise it here in case anyone has grown out of their own growing space. Making cooperative deals with landowners in the neighborhood quid pro quo is indeed possible.

For cart in watering we'll use  on a ute and 1000litre caged plastic tank.

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Wow this is so cool!

That's awesome news. There's so many blocks that sit idle that could be put to better use.
Do you have a rough indication of how long before the house project gets underway?

No plans at all. The land owner was paying a huge mowing bill. Of course any block needs irrigation, but we have that covered by trucking in water from my bore.

Trucking in water from my bore is that legal  .Would be careful what is written on internet.


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