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15mins sloshing around in a bucket of water and I was rewarded with an icecream bucket of corms from this..

If anyone wants some to try growing some let me know. Can't see me eating all of these myself.

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That's an impressive harvest Lissa.  They are great in stir fries!

Stirfry seems to be the only thing people use them in. I think I'll add to some stews or casseroles too just for the hell of it.

They stay crisp no matter what you do with them, it's a pleasant crunch.

we asians chop them into mince (like how we chop garlic) and mix them into wanton/dumpling fillings! gives the dumplings a good crunch!

I should be more experimental but I think I'm a bit past it all lol. There's just me these days and I tend to eat a lot of soups/stews/casseroles so will incorporate them into that.  Did you want any Matt?

you're too kind! I don't mind if you got some to spare.. i want to learn how to grow them too....

ROFL. I thought she was offering your stew!  

I did phrase it badly...luring people with the offer of water chestnut stew.

Matt, you're local to me - I'm at Strathpine. Let me know if you want to come visit and collect or I can leave some out for you. Are you living in that estate where the community garden is?

Seriously that never crossed my mind andrew.. All I was thinking was fresh water chestnuts... Lol.. Oh btw we Chinese also wash them cleanly, then chop it up, skin and all, (flesh gets bashed into a sort of pulp with the hit of a cleaver), added into water and boiling them to make a drink... It's suppose to be 'cooling' for the body and expels heat (normally when we have fever or sore throat this is one of the remedies).. Just add rock sugar to sweeten the drink..

Where you from in China Matt?  My grandson was born in Ningbo. 

andrew mate!! I am NOT from china.. no offence taken, but i'm a 5th generation straits-of-malacca born Chinese....

I'm glad you didn't taken offense Matt - none would ever be intended. It is fascinating for me (probably not for you) that after 5 generations in Malaysia, you still refer to yourself as Chinese and not Malaysian.  Like most Australians, I call just myself Australian.  However, I am probably 4th generation Australian but also 2nd generation German and Scot.  My father's line was originally English. We have Italian, Persian, American, Chinese and Torres Strait Islander mixed in there as well.   Maybe because the mix is so great, we just use our country of birth as identity?  I speak a tiny smattering of Italian, Chinese and German - just the odd word of each. By rights, I suppose the real Australians are the first people - Aboriginals or Torres Strait Islanders. 


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