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I've had these beetles before and they are pretty easy to control and don't do a heap of damage. I've come back from a couple of weeks holiday and the beetles are about but in small numbers, nothing to worry about I thought, but their larvae is everywhere and spreading rapidly. They are turning the leaves into skeletons and I'm concerned that I will have no leaves at this rate.

There is a healthy amount of good bugs on the tree, in fact I saw something eating one of the larvae. Has anyone had this before and found any quick organic solutions?

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Usually only find leaf damage when the Fig is about to go into dormancy and the leaves are dying anyway. Is the tree stressed? Short of water, for example?

Early last year I had a lot of trouble with Celtis Leaf Beetle demolishing my fig.

I must admit that in the end, when nothing else worked, I resorted to flyspray.

We have had the occasional infestation of the larvae and if left unchecked they can strip our fig trees. The only effective thing we have found for control is squashing them, if there is a small number, or removing the entire leaf and standing on them. I squash the mature beetles and scrape off the eggs. I haven't found/noticed any beneficial insects interested in eating them. We have miniature figs, so checking them is easy, and the impact of the damage if left unchecked is great.

Yeah that's the ones Lissa. I had a reasonable outbreak a couple of years back but nothing like that. I spent about an hour yesterday manually clipping the infected leaves so I'm pretty happy with it for now. 50/50 pineapple juice and water in an old milk carton has attracted some of the beetles so I reckon I have it under control now.

The interesting thing however is after my inspection yesterday and the trap combined, I've only trapped about 10 beetles. The larvae is outnumbering the beetles significantly.


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