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Has anyone had any success with Fejoa trees in Brisbane?  I have a few that have been in for years but are still not producing.  They have had the odd flower and fruit, but not enough to do anything with.  It could be because they have not been watered or fertilised, though I have now remedied that.  Am I wasting my time caring for these trees?



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I think you might find that it's not cold enough for it up here. They love the weather in Melbourne and grow even in Tasmania. I remember our lecturer at uni telling us that they don't fruit well the further North you go. Drat! Also Feijoa are extremely drought hardy and will grow and fruit even in really bad soils - so I guess it's not that.
I have seen a couple of neglected trees fruiting, but the fruit was very small. I wasn't sure if that was becasue they were neglected or it was the variety, but as you pointed out it could be that it is too warm here. I will try giving them a whole lot of love over the next year and see what happens. If they don't fruit well next year I will replace them with something that will.
Thanks for the info.

Lyn, did you have any further sucess with your fejoa? I am looking at planting some but only have limited space - so even though they are my favorite fruit, I dont want to take up all that valueble planting space if I only get a couple of fruits each year. . . .

No I haven't had any luck, though I know they grow them commercially up Noosa way, so I guess it can be done with the right variety. 

I have resorted to the fejoa vodka :)

Oh I love that stuff. But thank you for the update, one less plant (unfortunately, as it is my absolute favorite) I need to keep on the list of 'maybe'

Noosa hinterland is a tad cooler than here on the coast which may explain why they do well there. At the Nursery, we sold dozens of Feijoa plants but never heard again from the buyers.

Did you used to operate a nursery, Elaine?

No :-) ! I worked at the now defunct Gardenway at Granard Road (there's a Bunnings on the site now) and later at Fairfield Gardens Nursery which may not still be operating.

I have a friend growing Feijoa. I'll ask him how his are doing.

I had one growing on my last property (acreage at Cashmere - so still local to me here at Strathpine). It used to crop well from memory but was a magnet for the dreaded fruit fly. I rarely got any worthwhile fruit from it. Too long back to remember which variety.

His hasn't fruited either.

I had one in a pot for about 4 years, hasn't fruited. Could be partly due to neglect though.....


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