Hello fellow gardeners! My favorite fruit is Feijoa, has been since I was very young and although I know the trees will grow well in Brisbane my research has lead me to believe that they need a cooler climate in which to fruit well (not enough chill time here apparently).  However I was reading Organic Gardening mag today and a lady from Brizvagas sent in a question asking what fruit trees to grow here in Brisbane and they suggested it??? 

Has anyone got a feijoa, and had any success in getting it to produce fruit? and if so, what conditions do you have it under? Thanks very much!

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  • Florence: I just bought a Mammoth Feijoa along with a  few other fruit trees from Bob McGuffin at Fairchilds Nursery. He doesn't have a nursery open to the public per se but sells out of Chandler/College markets   http://www.collegemarkets.com.au/  If you want something specific he will try and source it for you as he gets some of his plants from larger/other wholesalers/suppliers out of Brisbane.

    His pricing I've found has also been very reasonable (lower/same as Daleys without the postage costs) but importantly for me it's been the quality of his plants. I've asked and he's said I can put his details up so maybe contact him beforehand and let him know what you're looking for. He may not answer straight away but he will get back to you.

    Bob McGuffin


    Ph: (07) 3297 6974

    • Thanks Cres, I might go and check out Chandler's market one Sunday soon, haven't visited for a long time.... last time was before they moved.... ^^  

  • Feijoas will flower and fruit successfully in Brisbane. We have a good size specimen in Bellbowrie (a seedling) that produces a good fruit-set every year. The fruit are smallish but it is not a select variety. I would strongly recommend planting at least a couple of grafted types for cross pollination (irrespective of claims of being a self pollinating variety).

    Pollination is by birds who come to eat the fleshy petals (which are quite nice to eat btw). What birds come and the damage they do to the flowers may end up being a major factor in producing fruit.

    Fruit fly is a MAJOR problem. As years went by at Bellbowrie fly populations built up more and more through backyard fruit growers who do nothing to manage this pest. In the end baiting and pheromone traps were not enough and the only way to get any crop was to spray with Lebaycid. Stung fruit will drop (well before maturity).

    We have a Mammoth, a White Goose and an Apollo in Moorina but they are recent planting and are progressing very slowly.  As we are somewhat isolated here we have had little fruitfly problems and in past years have relied on the MAT approach. This year they have come early and we have been really hammered so we are doing weekly bait spraying in addition to the traps to try and get them back under control.

    • Great info Angeles ~ Did you get your named varieties from Daleys or are there other suppliers in Brisbane?

  • Thanks everyone - Seems I should just give it a go. I guess even if I dont get fruit, I do love grey foliage trees so it should work with the rest of my colour scheme :)

    • I have two Feijioas planted about 8 years ago, they have produced pretty flowers, but no fruit.  I think I have an inferior variety, I remember reading on Daleys fruit tree info. that it depends on the variety; cross pollination and the weather conditions (I don't give them enough water in dry weather which would largely contribute to failure).  So far this season's weather is promising and my edibles are looking the best they have in years - maybe it is right for the Feijios??

  • I have a young one that is less than 12 months old.  It is growing well in a raised garden bed. I read in a magazine (forget which one) that someone up the coast has a commerical farm of them.  I'm pretty confident they'll fruit. 

  • I have three feijoas fruiting in Murwillumbah - very similar climate to Brisbane. No special treatment needed except I believe some need cross-pollination?

    • Phil - unless you have a doppleganger, did you realise you have two memberships to BLF HERE and HERE?

  • I have a feijoa in a pot for at least 4 years, never flowered.  I don’t think it’s to do with chilling requirement though, as they need less chilling than my other trees that flowers and fruit okay in Brisbane, more likely because what I got was a seedling tree.  Here’s some good information on feijoa at https://feijoafeijoa.wordpress.com/growing-feijoas/  

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