Epazote (Dysphania ambrosioides)-- along with cilantro -- is the quintessential Mexican herb. Since I just made a huge pot of refried black beans with it I thought I'd trumpet its delights.

Epazote is considered to be one of the most important herbs in the preparation of traditional Mexican dishes including tamales, salsa, black beans, enchilada and mole.

While Epazote is ideally collected before going to seed I'm always too late so I live off the profusion of seeds.

Obviously herein is a weed warning...but then, I can never have too much Epazote on hand. I use it in many dishes, not just beans.

Maybe an acquired taste ...then addiction sets in.

More info?

Epazote is a great addition to my menu. So I'm keen.

Give it a go. Despite the weird odour.

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