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G'day fellow gardeners, it looks like a new community garden will be starting in my suburb of Crestmead:) If it goes ahead I want to do a training course for new gardeners(free).

The aim is to show new gardeners that growing your own can be done cheaply using permaculture principles. In order to encourage them I have been developing my own rather large garden to reflect permaculture design in as many aspects as possible so it becomes a "one stop shop "example for them to pick & choose their own design on a smaller scale.

Is there anyone who could swap an Elephant Yam for a white choko or even eggs as I wish to develop a garden bed just with yams. I also have a lemon myrtle (self-sown) seedling & a Malabar chestnut seedling.

I also intend to use my produce as free stock for new gardeners who finish the course:)   

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I have purple yam growing Warren. Elephant Yam has only been mentioned on the site once in my memory. Try searching (top right) but unless people put their Tags on it's sometimes difficult to find what you are looking for.

And there it is! Found the photo HERE.

Avril hasn't been active on the site for some time but may still respond to a PM (Personal Message). Click on her name and send a Friend Request which will allow you to have a private conversation.

Hi Warren,

I am looking for elephant yam grown in Australia. Currently working on importing it from India. Can you please throw some light on growing elephant yam I have some buyers interested in elephant yam.



Have you checked Jerry Coleby-Williams' website? He had some info in a Gardening Australia episode and there may be a fact sheet available from the ABC website.

Amorphophallus paeoniifolius? JCW got his from Annette McFarlane in 2013.

But  Jeff Poole offered some links.

JCW writes:Hunting for planting material: There are hundreds of yam cultivars around the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The Seed Saver’s Foundation actively encourages local communities to continue growing them. A yam celebration – a community show and tell – which founders Jude & Michel Fanton encouraged in the Solomon Islands resulted in over one hundred yam cultivars being brought together for the first time. The community was surprised at the diversity, and decided to maintain a community conservation collection. Very few cultivars are grown in Australia. I now have a second winged yam cultivar with purple flesh which I’m eager to trial this year. It was given to me by a keen Brisbane gardener and he reckons it’s as good as the best potato. You might be lucky enough to find a neighbour, a community garden or a city farm that grows them, but other than that you’ll rarely see them offered. Happy hunting.

I got a white yam from my Samoan contact at the Caboolture Mkts yesterday. I asked if it was purple/he said it was white...(I suspect it is the 'Chinese' yam) but there's a yamology connection: Islander...out there in the islands of the Pacific. 

I think I have about 6 purples growing (in that they are clambering skywards)and would love to access the Elephant Y ...and especially the Caribbean 'yellow'. 

Where I often shop at the Dickson Street Mkts in Morayfield, they often sell direct yam and taro imports form the South Pacific and the African Shop in Caboolture always offers the white long yams (grown offshore in Fiji or Samoa I think) the connections are there. Whether you can chase specifics -- given yam confusions and variety -- is an open question.

So i'm thinking that if the garden was in Crestmead I'd put out a local community call, say through the churches.

Check out "Mass Spectrum Botanicals" USA.....I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS. Elephant Foot Yam now available for purchase from $1- $100. Just placed an order & it has gone through:)

Previously message would read "OUT OF STOCK".  

Are you able to import planting material without going through Quarantine? Or have you done the paperwork and would perhaps share tips with us on BLF?

There is a process that sterilizes the plant.......I just can't remember the read up on it. Will get back to u.

You are confident they can send the plant to Australia and it will come through our customs Warren?

From memory each plant is treated so it is "inert" this guy does it for a living so I guess there is a safe process that get's them through the gate.....after all....all  types of food are shipped all over the planet. I will check the site again & get back to you.

The elephantine tootsie yam in question is apparently growing at the Roma Street Parklands ...

It is also listed by the National Herbarium as  growing naturally -- a native plant in fact --  in tropical Queensland and Northern Territory in seasonally dry areas(as well as New Guinea).

I know bro......I was tempted believe me!


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