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Did anyone get the letter abiut the new change to our elec charge.

Cost per Kw/h going down by 3.5 cents  and the supply charge going up by 36.27 Cents per day. This is with solar and on a 10% discount from AGL. The new lerk for us solar grid lot is the NEW solar metre Service charge of 7.44 cents per day, FOR WHAT.

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I have a correspondent in America who fitted her house out with stand-alone solar. Although at the time it was (and maybe still is) illegal in California not to be on the grid (!). I asked her opinion whether we should go down the grid-connected road. Her response was that eventually the electricity suppliers would come up with all kinds of extra charges to make up for the money they were no longer getting from their customers.

So my question is: can you make your grid-connected system into a stand-alone system? Batteries until the new Tesla ones are available, are a major expense. So are the electronic controllers. If owners of solar panels have the expertise (or their friends do) and can afford the batteries and extra panels, they can kiss goodbye to the greedy electricity retailers.

That's my dream although I doubt I'll be able to do it, but for the time being, sticking with just the grid seems as though it might be the cheapest option.

My mate at Kilkoy did it.  I believe they are about to completely disconnect him. The batteries alone were $10,000+

At this stage it is certainly not cheap. More so if you have to rely on paid professionals for advice and setup.

He is a crazy do it your-selfer.  He found a crazy old style mercury battery that is guaranteed for 30 years. You also can't over-charge and cook them.  I'm watching with great interest (and some scepticism). 


Not familiar with batteries but the usual ones for non-car storage are deep cycle batteries. No idea what is in the cells though.


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