Eggs. eggs. eggs.

If you keep poultry you get eggs. Plenty of them.

Since I am not of the omelette or eggah persuasion -- which I find a tad rich -- I seek my googey egg satiation in the embrace of other recipes.

My stomach believes that there are three (3) significant egg identifiers when using eggs in quantity.

  1. Shakshuka-- a North African/Middle Eastern dish of eggs poached in a rich tomato sauce (pictured at right)
  2. Sri Lankan Egg Curry-- hard boiled eggs, spices, curry leaves and coconut milk.
  3. Nopales con huevos-- a classic Mexican dish of eggs scrambled with cactus leaves (nopales) and usually served with tortillas.

I'm not saying there aren't other egg dishes of gastronomical note. These three, however, are delicious and are the usual table fare in our place. They work every time.

I may not be a skilled egg chef but I can manage this trio.

We also often serve stir fries with a fried egg on top. There is also nothing so quick as an egg poached in a microwave.

I often float poached eggs in my soup.

If you are yearning for a carb hit, nothing satisfies like the classic, and extremely simple, egg fried rice: leftover rice + eggs+ spring onions.

Or the pasta version : carbonara.

While it has won fame as an egg 'slut'-- eggs coddled with mash potato are amazing.

A coddled egg is an egg that is gently cooked whole in a small dish that's placed in a hot water bath. Done properly the yolk should be slightly runny while remaining unbroken. When the egg unites with the mashed spud, the texture and taste is a thrill. You can use other ingredients and mixes, but potato is my fav. It is a flavour unto itself.

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  • French toast is a quick cheap meal.

  • Nah!  I love eggs in all their types: fried, poached and especially scrambled.  And there's quiche in all it's forms: quiche, frittatas, omelettes, shakshuka (which is in mah book) and even pavlova.  And then, there are pickled eggs.  I dig on the golden pickled quail egg (uses turmeric and other spices). Having said all that - I believe I may need to test this "coddled egg and mash" of which you speak.  I'll try the Sri Lankan curry version now as well.  

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