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One of my black eggplant is covered copiously in developing fruit, over 24. Funny thing is half of them are round and brown and the other half are the normal teardrop black.

Anyone have any idea why this might be?

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Shouldn't there be some sign of disease if it's BER? They look perfectly healthy to the eye. No sign of marks or "sunken decay".

And wouldn't all the fruit be affected if the plant is lacking calcium?

oh sorry, i deleted that post about it being blossom end rot because while i think that's how it's getting in, it's not your classic end rot decay.

i think whatever it is has infected the entire ovary, stopping it from developing the normal black tear drop shape

possibly not every flower has an invasive fungal spore landing on it at exactly the right time - hence only some go down. the spores are usually spread in the rain (splashing water from the ground) - could explain the difference

yes, they're solid enough unlike most rots and cankers, but that streaky discoloured and misshapen thing isn't the variety - it's an infection. the longer you leave them the worse they will get, until the fungus gets to the next stage in its lifecycle, and then they will start to look more like a classic rot

maybe this one:

it's something that's getting in to the fruit, probably from the flower end at pollination or flower drop.

suggest you should dispose of infected fruits asap (not matter what it is), don't plant solanaceae in same spot for a year or two

feed up on calcium

you could try the potassium bicarb sprays (thanks Linda Brennan for bringing these to my attention) here:  (note the first two are BFA organic - I don't recommend the ones that aren't = poisonous)


NB: one of my eggplants did this, i took off the affected fruit, fed it up a bit (blood and bone and some manure), and made sure it didn't get too thirsty (i.e. watering between inevitable heavy rains) -  and it came good.

actually, two of my three plants did this - one was heavily affected and we had too much eggplant anyway so i pulled it out. the other one came good. i had been cropping heavily and hadn't replenished my soil enough (amazing how much can be required!) at the time.

there's a black eggplant in the second pic that has your classic blossom end rot as well i think - see it's all wrinkly at the far end?

better whip that one off too! 

you're well mulched which is good - helps a lot

standard tips apply: water in the morning only, water foliage only, feed up on calcium, try some seaweed spray on leaves for trace elements, try adding a bit of potash

That wrinkled looking fruit is actually a tiny fruit hanging in front of a slightly bigger one. It's wrinkled because it's stem was half snapped and it wasn't getting it's water.

Took me about four trips down to figure out which one it was as I had already removed the little dried out fruit earlier this morning.

I'm curious to see what happens so will leave all fruit on for the moment.

The spray is probably quite wonderful - I find I buy various things like this and they just sit there. That Active 8 is a good example - it's still decorating my laundry. If something is infected then I get rid of it. My aim is to provide great soil, enough water and the right growing conditions so infection (hopefully) doesn't happen in the first place.




Spot on!

oh sorry - looks like the end is all dead and brown as well, it's hard to see in the photo

yes- i never bother with sprays and things - I think I sprayed once for an aphid infestation that was about to take out my lovely artichokes after heaps of heavy rain - so one time in the last twenty years of gardening! I just don't have time to rescue sick plants and battle natural creatures - I try to grow enough of things and in the right way so i don't have to. it's as bad as mowing the lawn in my book. would much rather be picking snowpeas ;)

Yep, very hard to make out from a photo. If you look carefuly you can just see it's outline against the bigger fruit. I had to check the photo and the plant over and over to figure out what it was.

The plant just doesn't look sick to me, looks healthy and covered in healthy fruit. Just some the wrong shape and colour lol.

You are most probably right about what has caused this but for the sake of learning I will leave them where they are for the time being and watch what happens.

Interesting! I've had this type of problem in the past and never considered it might be an infection of some kind. Cut the plant right back and feed up as per Scarlett's advice. Or ditch the plant entirely but put it into the rubbish, not the compost.


Eggplants are particularly heavy feeders as are Capsies and Toms too so most Solanums need lots of water and food. It's almost as though you cannot feed them enough, they always want more but do repay with fabulous fruits.

Ha, I saw the heading and thought you had a multi grafted one as this is possible with eggplant... obviously needed to read the rest!  


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