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Boy the edible weeds are looking fantastic at the moment. Chickweed is so lush and nutty tasting and the new dandelion leaves are broad and lush --- have made dandelion Pesto ----- beeeeeauuuutiful!!!!! and the milk thistle in our salads. Another weed  {don't know what its called but found it "once" on the net and is the basis of our savory " Feta and Weed Pie " ---- I could live on it with my mulberry wine.

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One problem I could foresee is that some weeds are edible but only in small quantities, or only cooked not raw. The lines are blurred.

Might be better to start an alphabetical listing with attributes of that weed. The problem there is that there are many common names for some weeds so it would have to under its scientific name...and most people wouldn't recognise that.

I have started a blog but it's still private at the moment and I may keep it that way - don't want someone poisoning themselves based on my research! It takes a long time to research each plant, find suitable pics etc. I'm waiting on my book to arrive - that should simplify things.

There's Isabell Shipard's book on survival - I have it and you're welcome to borrow it if it might be useful.

Lissa its sounding good, the best thing about member's pics of our local weeds is there will be no problems with copyright and no need to show ones that only grow in Tasmania or west Australia, just keep it to our local area.

Here's a couple of pics of how I leave the edible weeds growing.

Pic no 1 shows Aibika growing with shop bought shallots to keep them growing, but my soil is so full of edible weed seeds that they always pop up and I just leave them they seem to have a symbiotic relationship with the other plants and we are always trimming them every time we make a salad. You can notice chickweed, purslane, coblers pegs, milk thistle,and the Asian garden escapee. The only seedlings I pulled out was 2 cherry toms as I didn't want them there.

Pic 2 shows same weeds with the edible cactus and there are 6 new little cactus shoots so it wont be long till we have a feed of it.

Pic 3 shows some well advanced chickweed growing amongst the mushroom plants --- love to know why they are called that, anyway have been using the chickweed for a month now -- will soon need pulling off the runners --- they just break off and the new growth is lush ready for picking the tips again

Pic 4 shows well harvested dandelion growing under the sweet leaf ---- notice the millions of chickweed coming up. Last year we picked heaps and made cream of potato and chickweed soup --- not bad.

True about using members pics and copyright, though I've always understood if you add a link back to the site or use freely available (like google pics) that there isn't a problem anyway. I could be wrong.

I've just started a new job with overnighters and weekend work so my time for garden research has been curtailed a bit :(

Weeds really reveal the differences in microclimates. I don't get any dandelions at my place, and the chickweed is just starting to poke its head up now. It's pretty much a June to September phenomenon.

The Dandelions at my place came there because I brought them in. The real ones are not common as 'weeds' only the milk thistle often called 'Dandelion' which is not the real thing at all.

A word about nut grass from J C-Williams:

* Nut Grass: Not edible. It's one of the world's worst weeds. Herbicides have very little effect on it. But even inedible weeds like Nut Grass can serve a purpose if treated properly, and here's how:

Weeds like Oxalis, Onion Grass and Nut Grass should not go into the compost heap because they'll survive. With Nut Grass it is the perennial nuts that are the problem so you've got to destroy them. The solution is to put them into a bucket of water, soak them for a month or two until they drown and rot. The result is a beautiful fertiliser. Strain it and it's ready for use.

Weed tea at its best! Remember to aerate though or you've got some serious an-aerobic liquid which really does stink.


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