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Boy the edible weeds are looking fantastic at the moment. Chickweed is so lush and nutty tasting and the new dandelion leaves are broad and lush --- have made dandelion Pesto ----- beeeeeauuuutiful!!!!! and the milk thistle in our salads. Another weed  {don't know what its called but found it "once" on the net and is the basis of our savory " Feta and Weed Pie " ---- I could live on it with my mulberry wine.

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Oh I agree totally Lissa, After being on this earth 62 years -- I've read a lot and experimented a lot. I remember in the late seventies  there was a fad about eating apricot kernels and apple seeds, well I didn't bother but some idiot thought that if a few apple seeds were good for you then a cup of them would be terrific --- well he died!!;

didn't he?

Up in Cooktown, blackbean trees grew all along the creek banks and the seeds were known to be poisonous, but the wild pigs dug them up just after they sprouted ---- no longer poisonous, very hard to find a young Blkackbean tree these days.

I picked up my Blackbean seed from the Mt Cootha Botanical Gdns - regular tealeafing spot for me some year ago ;) Grew the tree on the acreage at Cashmere - far as I know it should still be there.

I didn't know that about apple seeds. Maybe I should be removing them before I juice the apples?

There's divisions of opinion on this one, Lissa. I used to remove seeds and peels. I still peel Lemons and now conventional Apples since I found there's likely to be krud on the skin and often find bruising. I use Limes whole after scrubbing the skin. The seeds of everything with seeds go into the juicer. Some say there's adverse effects of the germination-inhibitors in the seeds, others say there's good nutrients to be had. We ordinary people are never really going to know. No one advances any proof only opinions and I've plenty of my own un-proven opinions ;-)

I peel the apples but then pop the rest in whole. Maybe I'll core them in future.

Just read your query Lissa, yes in the middle east they use mulberry leaves instead of vine leaves for dolmades and Christine has made some dolmades using them and I think they are nicer. The trick is to use young leaves.

So you might suggest using them a bit like I use the Betel leaves? Can they be eaten raw or just cooked? Maybe chopped up in a dish?

My Mulberry is still small but I'm keen to try them out now :)

wow, nicer than grape leaves is a big call! definitely worth a shot then :)

Lissa, I only eat the mulberry leaves cooked, unsure of the raw ones, but when you cut off a leaf it exudes milky sap, which i noticed stuck to my rubber thong, so I used the latex from a couple of dozen leaves to glue a split across a thong, let you know if it works, haven't walked in them yet.

Good grief lol. That would be amazing if it works....and we put that in our stomach :/

I think that most things eaten in moderation is probably good for one's health, if one drank too much water, they would die, too high a concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere would kill us too. Look at dandelion --- it cleanses the liver  and by itself tastes as bitter as hell  --" not that I know how hell tastes " but when dandelion is cooked with garlic and olive oil and salted --- beautiful.

Does anyone know somone knowledgable who might be prepared to run a little workshop or group outing for weed identification?

In the early 80's while living in Cooktown, Christine and I had the book " Wild food in Australia" by 

Cribb, A.B. & Cribb, J.W. but never brought it back to Brisbane.


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