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The spectacular King Parrot enjoy many of the fruits and seeds that we do. So far these beautiful birds have not caused too much damage around here... Ate some green roma tomatoes and damaged the plant, taken a bite on some Davidson's Plum fruit, which seemed to have been rejected and dropped.

I have heard that they like to consume early stage unripe bananas & stone fruit as well as pigeon peas and other legumes.

The female of the pair was checking out the nectarine and banana tree today.

So will I be able to eat like a King this spring or will the King eat like us before I get the chance?

I may need to order more veg-net and find some bags if the bananas start to produce.

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LOL.  How wonderful.

Oh you are so lucky to have the King and his Queen come to your garden. Not so lucky that they are eating your food. We do see them here but it is rare, although we do get many other birds coming to the garden.

I have some (?) banana bags I don't use Rob. You're welcome to them. Will bring them to the GV unless you want to collect them earlier.

Lovely photos of spectacular birds. Not seen around here although we get a share of rareish parrots.

Rob - found one bag. It's on the porch table if you are going by anytime.

So lucky to have such beautiful birds visiting

I also have the King parrot here, and about a week ago I took this photo of a male dining on my green unripe loquats, I only have fruit left on very low branches and so I have bagged them. Hope Susan doesn't have this problem when her tree starts fruiting.

He is Beautiful James. We are so lucky we live in suburbia and still we can have wildlife come to us for a feed, oops I mean for us to enjoy.

For the sight of these in my garden I would gladly give up part of my produce

A beautiful thief. They often eat my immature pigeon peas but I would be really annoyed if it were loquats or something similar. A Rosella was also having a go at the peas this afternoon but was spooked before I could get a photo.

How beautiful Rob.  I've never seen these around my place before -> plenty of rainbow lorikeets where I am but not seen something like this.  James, do you have a cat or a dog?  In my small yard, and as long as I keep the tree to a reasonable height, my dog and cat are probably a big enough deterrent to protect my loquat tree.

They sure are great birds much better than those noisy crows,I had them the other day chewing on the pidgeon peas ,dont mind that at all


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