Dwarf mulberry

I have a lovely dwarf mulberry which needs to go to a good home.  It gets about 2 kilos of mulberries every year.   If anyone wants it they'll need to dig it up plus provide whatever they need to take it away.  I have shovels. Please let me know if anyone is interested.  I live in Scarborough on the Redcliffe Peninsula.  

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  • Jan, if you are cutting it back, can I please have a cutting also

    • Sure, Cheryl.

      I'll have to see what I have to work with and I'll let you and Rob both know.

  • I should be able to handle it. If no one else is interested, I could come out and dig it up on Sunday, if that's okay for you. I got a spot in my yard it should be happy in.

    • Before you dig it up Jan, prune it right back to maybe a foot for each main branch. That way you can handle it more easily. The prunings can be struck for more trees if you've a mind for that. Being deciduous, the plant will not be as shocked as an evergreen at being cut back hard.

      • Ooh, I'd love to get hold of a cutting or two! I'm not sure how to make that happen, but if someone could put one in a pot it would be much appreciated.

        • I'll see what I can do for you, Rob.

          Even if I'm unable to do it on Sunday for some reason, I can certainly do it after the tree settles in to its new home.

      • Good idea, Elaine.

        Tracy, is this mulberry a natural dwarf or grafted? 

        • Natural dwarf.  Sunday is fine, I'll send you my details in a message.  Thanks Jan!

  • Hi Jan,

    How tall = how much you want to prune. I keep branches within very easy reach for picking, it's surprisingly small for the amount of fruit you get,and not much spread.  I have it in small space.  I think I've had it three years.  Have attached a photo, I have recently pruned it to about 4ft tall. 


  • How tall, how much of a spread and how old is it? (Trying to figure out if I can handle it)

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