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Daleys are currently advertising many different varieties of mango including this beautiful dwarf by the name of Irwin:

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Purple-skinned? Mostly the 'purple' carrots are just the skin not the flesh. Whichever the colour, it looks like a cool little tree with loads of fruit for its size.

It's certainly a pretty thing isn't it. Loads of fruit for it's size.

Do they say what colour the flesh is? We might gain benefit from purple-skinned Carrots but none from purple Mango skin unless that's now edible.

While the skin of the fruit is pretty and decorative in the garden, I think it's the compact size and productiveness of this plant that is the main attraction.

It's possible even the fruit bats would leave this fruit alone as it's growing so low.

My purple carrots are very purple in the flesh.  My main complaint is they also drip purple juice everywhere.  

Ah! I've been looking for seed for the purple-right-through Carrots! What is the variety name and from where did you get the seed Andrew?

Rozie got them for me.  I'll bring you some at Lissa's, if you like. 

Flesh is still yellow. Taste is mild but pleasant according to wikipedia

The original 'Irwin' tree was a seedling of the 'Lippens' cultivar that was open-cross pollinated with 'Haden',[1] planted on the property of F.D. Irwin in Miami, Florida in 1939.[2] The tree first bore fruit in 1945 and was named and described in 1949.[3] The fruit gained commercial acceptance due to its good production, flavor, relative disease resistance, and attractive color. 'Irwin' has also been sold as a nursery stock tree for home growing in Florida.
Today 'Irwin' is grown on some commercial scale in a number of countries, including Japan, Taiwan, and Australia, where it was introduced in the 1970s.[4]
'Irwin' trees are planted in the collections of the USDA's germplasm repository in Miami,[5] the University of Florida's Tropical Research and Education Center in Homestead, Florida,[6] and the Miami-Dade Fruit and Spice Park,[7] also in Homestead.

Good grief - is this my dream come true?  A managable Mango??!!!  Oh, someone tell me that it is true!!!

Just managed to get this Mango, we bought one for our son at Elimbah many years ago and his is quite productive and the fruit is a beautiful purple colour.  It grows to about a person height and has a spread of about 2 metres.  

So that makes 4 mainly dwarf or small size mango's that we have growing.   Maybe we will get a feed of mango's in the next couple of years. 

Is it dwarf because of the root stock its grafted on .

Yes Jeff, I do not know which root stock is used, but I can see a graft on it.  The only problem with these grafted trees - is that you cannot expect exactly the same fruit if growing from it's seed.

The story of it's beginnings is just above in Valerie's reply.


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