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So, I had durian ice cream yesterday. That's right durian. Made into ice cream. No words. There are just no words for this. Oh yes. Brutal. 🤢

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Well, where did you get it? Looks like it tasted really bad - or did it just smell bad?

The Gelateria at Rosalie. The lady warned me that the taste is a bit out there but I thought as an ice cream surely it can't be that bad, right? Or not. I thought some cheeses smell pretty strong, but then they taste fabulous. This still tasted like vomit ice cream, which is really confusing. Thankfully it was just a taste, promptly followed by lemon sorbet. This would be great if you wanted to cure an ice cream addiction. 

Haha oh Valerie ! You made me laugh...

So funny. You were very brave to try it, I guess - you'll never die not knowing...

I have had Durian that made me gag and others that were like vanilla custard. There is a huge range of flavours, the oniony  ones are not my favourite.

So so Brave, really I can't even get my nose to Durian and as I am an Ice Cream Addict maybe I should have a serve to end my addition Valerie.


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