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Hi all


I have a number of dragon fruit plants for sale @ $5 each.  They are rooted "cuttings" and have all grown at least one extra segment on them.  I have yellow ones (white on inside) and red ones (red on inside). 


The yellow one - fruits prolifically and regularly, has very spikey fruit and spikey "branches", taste similar to pear and has more flavour than red one.


The red one - has non-spikey fruit, slightly spikey branches, and a mild flavour (a little bland), large fruit, fewer fruit than yellow one and fruits less often.


I am expecting my baby any day now, so don't be put off if I don't respond immediately.




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Best wishes with the baby Lyn :) hope all goes well, as I'm sure it will.

That's a great price. I've paid three times that elsewhere.

I have plants coming up from seed. Does anyone know if this is a reliable way to grow Dragonfruit?
It takes much much longer to get fruit from plants from seed. I have some plants I have grown from seed and they have not fruited yet (10 years old). But to be honest they were completely neglected for 9 years. Cuttings will fruit pretty quickly, perhaps within a year.
Lyn, all the best with the delivery of your baby.
I would like a yellow one, how do I get it from you?
I suppose to have red ones growing at home, just hope they're not just red skin but white flesh, as my mum prefers the red flesh over white, although we've never tried the yellow ones.

Lissa, I have heard growing from seeds very slow, but I have not actual experience though.
My water's have broken and I am waiting for contractions to establish, so the next few days are out. I will let you know when things have settled here and you can come and pick one up. I live in Tanah Merah.
OMG~~ Just today?! Hope for a quick and smooth delivery.
I am not in a hurry, so any time when your ready ~
WOO HOO....A BIG CONGRATS (EARLY) WAY TO GO BUBS...TELL MUM TO GET OFF COMPUTER AND GET READY TO GO LOL. (classic...mums still getting into gardening and bubs is on the way heehee)
all the best lyn, i hope you have an easy time of it :)
Hi Florence
I still have the plants if you would like to come and pick them up. Just let me know when you can make it. I live in Tanah Merah. I think I might be in a fire ant zone (or just near one), so when you come I will wash the soil off the roots. They are very hardy plants, so they wont mind that a bit.
Hi Lyn. Would you be going to the garden visit this weekend? If so, could you bring a yellow dragonfruit plant for me please? Thanks
I am hoping to attend the garden visit, but I am still not 100%sure I can make it. I will bring some plants if I go, otherwise we can arrange something else.
Thanks for the info about long fruiting time for the dragonfruit - little disappointing, but then it's the thrill of growing something from scratch too! Feels more "yours".

I have cuttings growing as well - I think I have all 3 now - should have kept a better record (may have the the blog! that's it's job to act as my memory).

I have so many wonderful edible things growing in my yard now compared to just six months ago - it's very exciting. The groups have been a font of information, cuttings and seeds to achieve this.
Congratulations Lyn. I am just wondering if you still have the dragon fruit plants for sell, would like to buy a few of them. Especially the red ones



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